Choosing Water Skiing for Beginners

One of the simplest and most famous types of extreme water tourism is  water skiing . This is a popular sport and at the same time entertainment, which is movement on the surface of the water on special skis, holding on to a halyard (cable) attached to a boat that provides traction for a water skier. This is a great alternative to skiing when the snow has already melted. Water skiing is currently actively practiced on the Crimean coast and other popular resorts. Want to know jet skiing tenerife price? Visit our website for more info!

In the United States, water skiing first appeared in 1922, when the American Ralph Samuelson improved ordinary winter skis and decided to test them on the water. He equipped two wide pine boards with leg fasteners and successfully tested them on Lake City Lake. Knowing nothing about Samuelson’s invention, in 1925 Fred Waller received the first patent in US history for a model of water skis he invented called the Dolphin. In 1928, Don Ibsen, unaware of previous inventions, came up with another ski. After this sport has constantly progressed and improved.


Water skis are single and double. Pairs include curly and jumping. For singles: figure and slalom skiing. Figured skis are short, wide, slightly bent at both ends, jump and slalom are long, the nose is strongly bent, the back of slalom skis is narrowed.

The right choice of water skis for mastering the main starts and the first “walks” on the water is an important condition for the success of your endeavors. The first skis are usually called walking. These are pair skis.

Walking skis must be chosen in accordance with the weight, height of the skier.

By drawing a vertical line through a point corresponding to your weight, and then two parallel horizontal lines through the points of intersection of the vertical with the borders of the shaded area, you can get the minimum and maximum values ​​\u200b\u200bof the length of the walking skis that you should choose on the vertical axis of the graph. The standard maximum ski width is 18 cm.


Practical advice when buying water skis – if different people will ride the same skis, then focus on the largest person. Anyone weighing 50kg or more can handle a 170cm ski. The longer the ski, the slower it moves through the water and the easier it is to control. This is exactly what you need if you are studying.

As a rule, recreational skis are equipped with keels for better handling.

On one of the skis, two bindings are installed at once. This means that such a ski can be used on its own as a mono-ski. However, the monoski start technique is much more complicated.

A few tips on how to put on bindings correctly


If your water skis are equipped with adjustable size bindings, then after you have set the desired size and secured the movable part of the binding, you need to moisten them with water. At the initial stage of training, it is not recommended to use tight fasteners, since putting them on will require extra effort. Take the upper edge of the bow of the binding with both hands and direct the foot into it, making several forward and backward movements with it. After that, take the foot back and sharply move it forward. The foot will be sufficiently fixed with a rubber mount and you will need to correct its heel. Do the same with the attachment of the second ski. With the right size, the mount tightly compresses the foot, but does not cause discomfort.

At the beginning of the formation of water skiing, skis were made from processed wood. Now most water skis are made of polyurethane foam, because it is characterized by significantly lower weight and better glide. They can be made using compression molding technology, or the more affordable injection molding process. The groove-like profile on the sliding surface increases the stability of modern plastic skis.

On some models of paired skis, a connecting stabilization bar is provided. It is located in front of the bindings and allows you to keep the skis together, which is especially important when starting out of the water for beginners and children. After the athlete acquires the necessary skills, the bar can be removed.

In the end, I would like to note that water skiing has many advantages, including: -the possibility of participation of people of any age, from children to the older generation, – according to experts, this sport is the easiest to understand and demonstrate the technique.