English Grammar in Use 2019 published right in the beginning of 2019 is a classic grammar documentary that you cannot ignore. Let Wiki Study English review this book right away.

English Grammar in Use is probably not news to you who are learning English. This is considered a “classic” series that deals with the most important grammatical topics in English.

To fully explore this book, she and her children go into the following three main parts:

# 1: Who is this book for?

# 2: The structure of the book

# 3: Advice for you guys


   Title: English Grammar in Use 2019
   Author: Raymnod Murphy
   Thickness: 400 pages (16 most basic grammar topics)
   Level: Beginner
   File Type: PDF

I. Who is this book for?
English Grammar in Use is for people at the TOEIC level above 200, if your English skills are a bit lower, you just need to practice to still be able to learn the content of this book.

The content of the English Grammar In Use 2019 document has the following advantages:

  •  Introduce the most common grammatical structures
  • Theoretical part exercises related to the theoretical forms just mentioned and solving exercises
  •  Present content that is clear, scientific, easy to look up and easy to remember
  •  Helps memorize basic grammatical structures

II. The structure of the book
The book is designed according to each grammar topic to provide readers with basic knowledge of English in general and TOEIC in particular, including the following 5 parts:

Part 1: Lesson – Lesson
Part 1 of this book contains 16 important grammatical topics allocated in 145 units.


The topics are all clearly divided, specific knowledge systems, examples easy to understand. In addition, each unit also has practical exercises for you to practice the knowledge you have just learned, easier to remember the content that has been rehearsed.

Part 2: Appendix – Appendix attached
Part 2 of the book has 7 appendices attached:

  • Regular and irregular verbs
  • Present and past tenses
  • The future
  • Modal verbs (can / could / will / would etc.)
  • Short forms (I’m / alternative / didn’t etc.)
  • Spelling
  • American English

In each appendix, you will have to systematically revise the knowledge from related units and add the content of the grammar part that has not been mentioned in the article.

Part 3: Additional exercises – Additional exercises
This part is a practical exercise for you after having carefully studied the topics and grammar of Part 1. Part 3 will include the forms of grammar exercises for you to synthesize the knowledge you have just learned. In part 1, help you practice knowledge.

English Grammar In Use 2019 supplementary exercises
English Grammar In Use 2019 supplementary exercises

The practice of regular exercises will help you have more content training skills to help you remember longer and understand your weaknesses to learn from lessons in the following exercises.

Part 4: Study guide – Study guide
This guide is to help you decide which units you need to study. The content of the guide is grouped together (Present and past, Impersonation and nouns, etc.) in the same way as in Units.

Guide to learning English Grammar In Use 2019 books
Guide to learning English Grammar In Use 2019 books

For the example sentences in this section, each sentence can have 1 or more answers (A, B, C, etc.). If you’re not sure which is the correct solution, you can review that grammar in the unit list in the right column.

The answer of this section is available on page 372, after you finish, you can check it out later.

Part 5: Key – Answers to the exercises
This section helps you grade yourself and determine if your assignment has been done right or wrong. Answers will help learners compare and assess their ability with the exercises done. The answers presented are relatively easy to understand and clear for convenient searching.

Part 6: Index – How to use words
Content Index will guide you the basic vocabulary arranged in the English alphabet will go with prepositions / nouns / … which, structure and how to use.

This section is necessary when readers need to quickly look up certain structures, students who take the TOEIC exam will love this part when reviewing TOEIC Reading.

III. Epilogue
English Grammar In Use 2019 synthesizes most of the simplest and most basic content for beginners to learn English. However, in the book, we may still encounter some relatively complex structures and exercises. If you encounter these structures, you should pay attention to gradually learn each structure and memorize, do not try to learn in numbers that lead to quick forgetting and confusing.

For those of you who are quite good at leverage with a TOEIC score of over 500, the book is still extremely useful to help you revisit the basic knowledge you have learned, thereby laying the foundation for you to continue to practice on the higher levers.

Above are the instructions you need to know before you start conquering the English Grammar In Use 2019 book. You can download books and listening files here:

➥ Link to download Full PDF (very nice version): Download here