Taking The TOEIC is a TOEIC exam preparation book series 2019 according to the new exam structure to help learners become familiar with each part of a TOEIC test. Let’s review with detail and download this book.

Wiki Study English also has this book in her hand, and now we will go through the detailed evaluation!

1. Who is the book for?
Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies were Written with the purpose to help you understand the changes in the new TOEIC test structure, and familiarize yourself with new types of exercises through examples.

The book is divided into 2 levels corresponding to level B2 and C1 (intermediate and advanced levels), equivalent to a score of 400+ TOEIC and above.

For those of you who have lost your roots or have just started studying for the TOEIC exam, she recommends that you start studying other books with simpler content. You can find out about these books below:

Starter TOEIC – TOEIC document for beginners (Full PDF + Audio)
Very Easy TOEIC – TOEIC platform for the person who lost root (Full PDF + Audio)

2. What’s the content of the series?
Taking The TOEIC includes 2 books, each with four chapters, to help learners become familiar with each part of a TOEIC test including:

  • Listening skill
  • Grammar
  • Reading comprehension
  • Practice tests

thereby building a solid foundation for learners who are starting to prepare for the TOEIC test.

Contents of the Taking The TOEIC book 1
Contents of the Taking The TOEIC book 1

New points are presented in the series such as:

 Introduce, guide and update with the latest structure of the NEW TOEIC format.

  •  Systematically designed exercises (in the order of the questions in the test, and common/applicable grammar points to do well on that part) help practice the test strategies in each test. part.
  •  Specific, easy-to-understand examples and explanations for each of the TOEIC question types, including the new question types introduced in 2018.
  •  Practical, practical, and easy-to-use tips and tricks that help test takers take exams faster and more effectively.
  •  A list of essential vocabulary common in the TOEIC test is provided in each section and the definition is easy to understand, consistent with the context in the lesson.

With the above advantages, Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies is really the TOEIC exam review book worth “money for rice bowl” to buy and use.

3. The most effective way to use the book
The advice for you when studying this series is:

– Step 1: Allocating time for each part of knowledge every day or every day of 1 lesson in book content.

– Step 2: Read carefully – understand deeply, do more mini-tests to practice right after learning

– Step 3: Prepare a small book, record the knowledge you have accumulated from each section and also the mistakes you make when taking the test to check again later.

– Step 4: After finishing the first book, you need to do more TOEIC tests to check the knowledge you have just learned and revise more TOEIC grammar, TOEIC vocabulary before going to study the second book.

4. Link to download the book
To encourage reading culture, you should order this book to make studying easier and easier. Wiki Study English also bought books and has the PDF + Audio version available for those who want to study online on computers.

You can download the full Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 1 + 2 here: Download

Download each book:

Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 1:

Ebook: Download   Support on Amazon

Audio: Download

Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 2:

Ebook: Download  Support on Amazon

Audio: Download

These TOEIC learning materials have been compiled from many sources and uploaded to share links for everyone. You can buy and support these books originally! 

Hopefully with Taking The TOEIC – Skills and Strategies 2019 will help you understand the structure of the new TOEIC test and TOEIC exam more effectively. If you have any questions, please COMMENT below to be answered by Wiki Study English.