7 Tips for Understanding Item Levels and Gear Decisions in WoW

Everyone might have heard relatives and people saying that ‘If you had invested so much time and brain on studies rather than on games, you might have been the world’s richest person today’. This rather taunting statement holds very true in its sense that a moderate to heavy gamer gives unimaginable efforts while playing a game.

Gamers play various games with utmost dedication to ending up winning. But winning in online games, especially multiplayer mode, requires a lot of tips, tricks, and hacks. Games like GTA Vice City, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike Global Offensive, etc., are various games that require enormous focus and knowledge about kits, codes, cheats, gears, decision levels, etc.

One of the most enthralling games that require high knowledge about the game detailings is World of Warcraft. In this game, gamers need to have a decent understanding of item levels and gear decisions.

Therefore, the following section will give important tips & tricks about understanding the same. An intense gamer can easily purchase the game from recognized companies. They can visit https://buy-boost.com/wow for exciting offers and best-price purchases.

World of Warcraft (WoW) is a popular war-based online multiplayer game that enables the player to defeat monsters, other players, change avatars, finish tasks to gain rewards, visit different locations, etc. There are different classes from which the player chooses one. These classes are warrior, priest, paladin, druid, hunter, death knight, rogue, demon hunter, warlock, shaman, monk, and mage.

Item level in the game refers to different articles and things that are required for different functions. The item level indicates two things – firstly, the degree of usefulness and, secondly, the minimum level a player must reach to qualify for purchasing the item.

Here are the tips to Understand Item Levels & Gear Decisions in WoW Game

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It is of utmost importance to learn and understand the key components of WoW especially, item levels and gear decisions. However, for a non-specialist, it is not easy to identify these elements. Therefore, the following tips will assist the players in understanding these well.

In World of Warcraft, the item levels are not displayed or found very easily. It is hidden somewhere. Even pro players find it difficult to spot the item level. A person can get item levels through UI mod or different third-party sites.

These item levels are not easily identifiable because these levels were a sort of back-end function that enabled the designers to be aware of the number of stats an item can have. The colors in the WoW used to play a key role in adding points to the gear stuff. Specific colors, including blue, purple, green, or rare colors, were the ones that gave such points. The rarity and unusuality of the colors did not let the players decode the points and gear system.

The gamers couldn’t draw a comparison among different gears. In the initial stages, the player must be paced up in Renown. They should be very fast in earning a Renown. They should regularly look at the daily callings to sometimes get an extra reward as a Renown.

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Many players had a misconception about the item levels. They believed that the gears & tools of the same item levels required the same amount of strength and stamina. But this was not true. Players thought that these stats were often highlighted and had significance related to item levels.

There is a PVP gear in the game which provides different gear choices. The PVP gear has both primary and secondary details or stats. The secondary stats gives the player a wide range of gear choices. Different secondary stats give more confusion to the gamers.

An important secondary stat in this gear is resilience. This feature reduces the chances & effect of damage received from other online players. But it is important to know that this PVP secondary stat is not useful in PVE (Player Vs Environment) mode.

An important thing for excelling in item level knowledge is to go with the gears and the primary stats which suit your class and specifications. Both primary and secondary stats are vital, but first, focus on primary stats. The gamers can find odd mismatched items of special gears by surveying and inspecting the map. This will give World quests. It is one of the most easy-going ways to find hidden pieces of gear.

There is a detailed pair of which class uses which kind of gear. For example, paladin, death knight, warrior tanks, and DPS class use the gear termed ‘strength plate’. Apart from this, cloth gears are best suited to cloth casters, paladin healers are well-equipped with intelligence plate, enhancement shaman & hunter class with agility mail, feral druids & rogues majorly use agility leather, restoration & elemental shaman are best suited with intelligence mail, and lastly restoration & balance druid class are well-suited with the intelligence leather gear.

Another important strategy about item levels is that the player should not consider various quests for earning points or rewards once they unlock the regular-mode cells (dungeons). The opening lot will contain eight dungeons with which the player will proceed further. As the player proceeds and attains more levels, these dungeons increase.


World of Warcraft can be an amazing, fun game with addiction level at par. The only thing a player needs to do is purchase the game and find a less populated server. It always gives pleasure to the gamers of having unique features and modes while playing WoW. Apart from finding the right server to begin with, WoW, a player needs a faction, race, and a beginner class.

WoW gives players a lively environment of playing in a real competitive zone. As the player progresses further, item levels and gear choices become critical. The gamer faces extreme difficulty once the item levels increase. They are required to make choices, change avatars, look at quality colors, deal with several primary and secondary stats.