How To Get Your First Gladiator Title in Wow Shadowlands

When it comes to the popular World of Warcraft, there is always something interesting to know and learn. The owner and creator of the game are Blizzard, and it is new that Microsoft is the new owner of this company. Would that mean that something new could be expected from Wow soon? No one can claim for sure, but still, even if that does not happen, the already existing expansions can offer incredible fun and significant progress, especially when it comes to higher levels and winning titles.

The Gladiator title in WoW: Shadowlands is one of the highest levels a player can achieve. But that requires a lot of commitment and top results, that is, to be really great at what you do. The concept of the game is already known to all of us – you have PvP and PvE modes, you can join quests and dungeons to move forward, you have to fight and be really good at it, to find your own team with which you will achieve common goals, but also to be focused on individual progress. Remember, Gladiator is a privilege that not every player can have.

Shadowlands is the latest expansion of this popular game, i.e. the action takes place in the afterlife. Gladiator is a really rare PvP title that only about 1% (or less) of players can have.

What is worth knowing is that even the title itself is not fixed, because in each season 0.1% are rewarded who achieve exceptional results, and they also receive a class of Gladiators, for example, Sinister Gladiator or something similar. This title is permanent. On the other hand, there are also seasonal titles, i.e. you can be a Gladiator only in the season that is valid and won by those who will win in 50 3v3 games.

Many people hope that they will deserve to be Gladiators in Shadowlands, but you must know that all this should be deserved with great results. In that context, we must mention all those who would like to achieve that result at any cost, by being willing to pay that price. That is why there are well-known booster services that offer a variety of service packages, in order to achieve a result that the player himself could not. To find out how this is possible, visit

However, if you want to walk that path yourself, you have to put a lot of effort and time into it all. Of course, it pays off, especially if the game takes up most of your life, and you can do it with the help of the following small strategies:

1. Try to predict the next step of the opponent


This seems really difficult and practically complicated, but still not impossible. Sometimes, people are predictable and try to go the easy way, thinking that no one will meet them. Given that you are in the final expansion of this popular game, you are probably already experienced enough, both you and the other players. In fact, if you focus on what others are doing, you can easily find a pattern in their approach and turn it to your advantage.

2. Learn more technical details about Gladiators

You need to research to know what your goals are. Sometimes some things can not be explained in a few sentences, but in general, to become a Gladiator, you need to play arena matches with your team. Your team has a set of skills and you need to know how to get the most out of it all. This way you can compete with even the most experienced opponents and teams that have really advanced skills. For all this to be possible, you have to be well-versed in a lot of knowledge to know exactly what you are facing.

3. Create the strategy together with the team

You need to have more prepared strategies that will help you win the most important battles. But it is even more important to know what steps you need to take if things do not go as you originally planned. With the help of coordination and constant communication, you can create successful strategies, divide team responsibilities fairly and be a cover even for weaker players. The most important thing is that these plans are in your favor and that there is no chance that the opposite will happen. Keep in mind that this is a really extremely difficult title and only a small delay in communication can cost the whole team a lot. Find an effective way to communicate and, if necessary, adjust the strategy to the current situation.

4. Keep up to date with all the news


Skills and teamwork are not always enough if you are actually missing out on important information related to what is new in the game. With each upgrade, the concepts of WoW change, so you need to adapt to new tactics and discover what you are fighting against. Fortunately, the experts inform the players in time what is new and how it is played, so there is no need to worry.

5. Dedicate yourself to personal development

We have mentioned teamwork many times, but we should not forget that the Gladiator title is individual. It’s always good to be here for the team, but in fact, you are the ones fighting for the title. You must not demotivate yourself and you should always learn something new. That way you will develop existing skills and invest more in your progress. Only then will you get what you want, although in this particular case it can be really tedious and hard.



Being part of that very small percentage of Gladiators in WoW Shadowlands is a real privilege for every player. But on the other hand, not everyone has that goal. In fact, everyone plays in a way that suits them and tries to achieve what is set, which does not always have to be a gladiator title. Achieving that requires dedication and hard work. Only in that way will success not be lacking.