6 Fastest Zones To Level Up In WoW Shadowlands

Leveling looks fun for some, an adventure where they get to explore various realms of the game. It helps them experience the various stories while leveling their game up. However, leveling is not as fun as it seems for others. They find it challenging to play and end up quitting the game. For such people, boosting service is a boon. To know more, visit https://buy-boost.com/wow/wow-powerleveling-farm.

In any case, in this article, we’ll go over the fastest and the most beautiful zones to level in World of Warcraft from both perspectives to guarantee you have the finest experience possible while playing this fantastic game.

What are Zones?

Zones are map locations with specific themes, mobs, and scenery. These places have borders that are similar to those of a state or country, and they designate areas despite being unseen. Subzones, cities, towns, villages, and examples are all possible. The zone Dun Morogh, for example, comprises the Coldridge Valley subzone, the city Ironforge, the village Kharanos, and the instance Gnomeregan.

1. Deepholm

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Deepholm is ruled by Therezane, a woman who handles all of the business that can be handled in a place made entirely of stone, including plants that can live in stone and animals that might be able to eat stone. It was introduced in the Cataclysm expansion.

The massive cavern has gorgeous dazzling stones as well as numerous challenging tasks and visiting there is a tremendous payoff after learning about earth elementals in the previous World of Warcraft adventures. Unfortunately, many players will have killed Princess Theradras, Therazane’s daughter, earlier in the game, but thankfully, the elemental king of stone seems unconcerned by her family’s murder.

2. Suramaar

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When Legion originally came out, this was the final big questing zone. Originally only available to players who had reached the level cap of 110, this zone focused on assisting the rebel Nightfallen group in coping with their mana depletion and regaining their beloved city from the Legion’s grasp.

Players united and rallied Night Elves, Blood Elves, and Highborne Elves under one flag to cut off the Legion’s vice-grip, alleviate the mana drought affecting the people of Suramaar, and destroy Gul’dan himself in the Nighthold raid during an epic campaign that spanned an entire patch.

Other quest lines and points of interest may be found across the zone, but the large and lifelike metropolis of Suramaar will stick with players the most. The city remained one of Blizzard’s most ambitious attempts at constructing a metropolis that seemed organic and interactable, consisting of various markets and varying social zones, interlaced with passageways and buildings that players could really visit.

3. Valley of the Four Winds

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Mists of Pandaria was a World of Warcraft expansion that took the game’s plot to Pandaria, an Asian-themed realm. The Valley of the Four Winds, like every other place in the game, has a sophisticated ecological system that ties together the physical landscape, the monsters you face, and the individuals you meet, and it’s all centered on the creation of giant pumpkins, delightful delicacies, and beer. In fact, the majority of a player’s time here is spent defending greenery and/or alcohol from various types of nasties. It’s a beautiful spot.

4. Ashenvale

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This site is primarily a forest, and it is eerily magical. The huge zone has a lovely aesthetic tone to it, with night elf fortresses, demon spawning grounds, and a great seaside landscape is interwoven. There are gigantic live trees and concealed troops that a player must be aware of or risk being killed by 10 of them all at once.

This is also the starting point for Warsong Gulch’s player vs. player map, in which the Horde and Alliance struggle for forest resources in a deadly game of capturing the flag. This is the heart of a World of Warcraft adventure; the entire zone is a bizarre jumble of systems, ideas, and aesthetics that somehow come together to form something genuinely fantastic.

5. The Barrens

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The Barrens used to be a hive of activity. To be sure, it was a poor life because it was a zone that operated as a bottleneck for Horde players looking to advance through the tiers. You may spend days in the Barrens completing tedious tasks, killing quillboars, and waiting for Wailing Caverns groups to assemble around you.

You’d sometimes get killed while attempting to utilize a summoning stone and have to flee. Because of all of this time-consuming activity, you may spend a lot of time chit-chatting with other players in the zone’s general chat, and as a result, the first few years of World of Warcraft had an experience known as “Barrens chat”: For hours, a bunch of knuckleheads speaks about knucklehead stuff.

That event is no longer with us, one of many things taken away by the Cataclysm’s brutality. But that doesn’t mean it won’t live on in our hearts and thoughts, making the Barrens the most intriguing region in World of Warcraft.

6. Blade’s Edge

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When you first view the many dragon heads impaled on the spires of the Blade’s Edge Mountains, you might not think the zone is particularly intriguing. The substance of the region’s questline during the leveling phase is lacking, and there isn’t much to be excited about after you return to Blade’s Edge for the endgame experience. Gruul’s Lair, the zone’s lone raid, includes only two relatively easy monsters, and the zone has no dungeons to explore, so there’s little motivation to return once you’ve completed the zone’s few missions.


Because of how quest centers are neatly planned up, and flight paths are often given to you when requested to head to a new zone, the zones in Warlords of Draenor are considered to have the fastest leveling zones in WoW. In addition, there are numerous treasure chests and rare enemies spread across the environment that provide significant amounts of experience.