Starter TOEIC is one of the most useful and suitable TOEIC books for beginner and beginner TOEIC students. Let’s learn about this book with WIKI STUDY ENGLISH!

This TOEIC document is always recommended by English teachers who are just beginning to study TOEIC. This is also a book that helps you conquer convincing 300 – 500 TOEIC points.

There are many good and quality TOEIC exam books on the market today, but Starter TOEIC is the most suitable book, designed for beginners by Anne Taylor and Casey Malarcher. In this article, we will find out the details of the book offline.

I. Who is this book for?

Starter TOEIC is an indispensable book for those who have a basic level of English or have just started conquering TOEIC.

The book will support you through exercises that emphasize focus; at the same time provide background knowledge and tips to help you study well, build the necessary skills, it is important to help you familiarize yourself with the TOEIC test.

Book content:

✓ Contains 12 main lessons, a sample test and other support (reading and answers for exercises).

✓ Each of the exercises in the book includes a vocabulary section, a grammar guide, grammar exercises, and a small level test.

✓ The final part of the book is the answer so you can check your results and progress.

Firstly, you will consolidate your knowledge of common grammar and important structures, then practice each skill separately (Reading and Listening). After mastering the test-taking skills, you will begin to do the exercises to apply the knowledge learned earlier.

Depending on your level of study hard, you can get about 300-500 TOEIC points after studying this book.

II. The structure of the book

The book is designed with 4 separate chapters to provide readers with background knowledge of English in general and TOEIC in particular.

1. Chapter 1: Grammar Practice

Chapter 1 of the book introduces 12 key grammar topics commonly used in the TOEIC test, along with explanations and practical exercises.

Chapter 1 - Starter TOEIC

This is the section for you to begin to familiarize yourself with English grammar, from which as a prerequisite to practice and improve other skills. The practical exercises will help you remember the exercises longer and stronger.

2. Chapter 2: Listening & Reading Practice

The 12 tests in Chapter 2 will help you consolidate a grammar point through natural situations in different contexts. If Chapter I helps you become familiar with and mastering grammar, this chapter will help you consolidate your knowledge and practice reading comprehension skills for you.

Chapter 2 - Starter TOEIC

The tests in Chapter 2 are arranged in the order related to Chapter 1 to help readers refine their knowledge more firmly.

3. Chapter 3: Practice Test

The Practice Test provides students with structured tests like the real test, which consists of 100 questions per listening (LC) and reading (RC) sections.

However, the level of the test in part 3 is still consistent with the level of the target audience of the book as a beginner, not too complicated like the real exam.

4. Chapter 4: Support

This is the final chapter of the book including Transcript, Answer Key and test paper for the practice test. It can be said that this chapter does not contain knowledge or tests but is a complement to the three above sections.

Chapter 4 has additional tips for taking the test that is very useful and effective.

III. How to use the book

In order to take full advantage of this book, you should study the grammar carefully and master the basic vocabulary that often appears on the TOEIC test so that you will not be surprised and interrupted while studying.

► First, for the listening section: absolutely do not preview the transcript. Try to listen at least 3 times before you check the answer and listen again by transcript to avoid being dependent on the transcript as well as your ears can get used to the intonation, the correct timbre of the pronunciation, thereby leading to improved listening skills.

► Second with reading: after checking the answer, you should review again and find out why this sentence is the answer, to understand more about the topic of grammar, remember more vocabulary and lesson efficiency. Don’t just check the answers and fold the books!


Above are the guidelines you need to know before you start conquering this holy Starter TOEIC book. You can download books and audio files here:  

➥ Link to download PDF + Audio: Download here

Or you can download each file here:

PDF file: Download
Audio File: Download

However, studying this textbook alone is not sufficient to achieve a high score of TOEIC. Wiki Study English recommends that you study the following books in the same series with Starter TOEIC to improve your score:

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Wish you all good study with Starer TOEIC that Wiki Study English has shared!