Is it Safe to Live in a House With Foundation Problems

Chances are you happen to leave in a house that has some foundations problems, or maybe you are looking into buying a house with existing foundation problems. Foundation problems are more pronounced in places that have extreme weather conditions such as harsh winters that are affected by ice and snow, while homes in subtropical regions are often affected by excessive heat, rain, severe flooding, and drought.

Small problems can lead to difficulties


The damage to your home’s foundation can vary from a few small insignificant cracks to major damage that requires an expensive repair. A small crack or leak can be negligible, but it can also cause future problems that are not visible to a non-professional.

Assessing the severity of the foundation’s problem is key when deeming a house safe for living. While the problems may not be severe enough to present an immediate threat if left unattended these minor problems may become a big headache.

Common foundation problems


The most common foundation problems are caused by expansive clay, improperly compacted fill soils, improper drainage, or water leaks. These can lead to structural integrity problems, water damage, the appearance of mold, etc.

Small and medium vertical foundation cracks are not generally an indication of any safety issues. They are pretty common and do not usually affect structural integrity. On the other hand, horizontal foundation cracks are a sign of concern, as they indicate a loss of structural integrity.

Solve detected issues on time


While some of these problems aren’t an immediate cause for alarm, in the long run, it is best that these problems are solved immediately upon detection. As it is quite a complicated job it is best for you to contact a professional for an assessment of the problem.

Why pay loads of money when you could have solved your problem earlier for a fraction of the price. The professional and experienced staff at Foundation Repair Winter Haven FL give free estimates on all foundation repair services… After the professional foundation assessment, you can be fully certain whether your house is truly safe to live in.

Why put your life, and the life of your family in jeopardy when you can have your house assessed for free with no other obligations. If it is deemed unsafe for living and requires repair and restoration, they can make it safe for you, often within a matter of days for a reasonable price. If you noticed any unusual wall and floor cracks or foundation cracks for that matter, doors and windows not closing properly, and/or sinking of your house don’t waste any time.

You can help minimize further damage to your foundation by taking several steps such as making an adequate drainage system around the foundation of your house by regrading the surrounding lot, so rainwater flows away from the building. In any case, calling a professional may seem the most rational way of dealing with any potential foundation problems.