How Often Should You Wash Your Sofa Covers – 2024 Guide

There are many things about taking care of your home that you probably have questions about. It is definitely not easy to keep everything in check especially if your household consists of multiple members. It is enough for a couple to have two children for the home to constantly be a mess despite numerous attempts to clean and tidy up as well as try to improve and optimize the living conditions. As a homeowner however, it is your duty to make these things happen and to allow your loved ones as much comfort and spoils as you can. It will take time, effort, and sacrifice and it is something that never really ends.

It Can Get Tough


Because of how stressful and mundane constant maintenance, cleaning, and tidying can get, every bit of advice and information helps. You may think you know how to do a certain thing the right way but in reality there may be a better option. You should never shy away from a good piece of information and a helpful tip no matter who it may be coming from. In this article here for example, we have for you something quite useful and a part of taking care of the home not a lot of people think about enough. Have you ever wondered how often certain things around the house should be washed, things that are not clothes and towels?

Living Room Woes

There are many types of textile products of all sorts that we make use of constantly, but how much do you have them washed and how frequently? For the purposes of this article we are focusing solely on your sofa covers. Have you ever wondered how often they need a proper washing and why that may be so? Is there a certain amount of time that can pass after which you should throw it into the washing machine and give it a bit of care? Well, here is the best place to find that out. Keep reading this article to learn more about taking care of your sofa covers properly as well as to find out how much time should pass before you must exchange them for a clean set and give them a wash. For additional info on sofa covers as well as a great offer to choose from for your living room, make sure to visit this website.

No Universal, Definite Rule


As is the case with most things about home care and doing things around the house properly, there is no single rule or anything along those lines that gives us a clear answer regarding the washing of sofa covers. These things are always a matter of common sense, personal preference, volume and frequency of use, and other factors that vary from household to household. If you were expecting a clear answer to the question of sofa cover washing frequency, we must disappoint you before we help you figure it out. There does not exist a general rule for this, only a recommendation and the typical preference of most other people.

According to the general rule of thumb here, it is recommended for your sofa covers to be washed once every six months. However, things are not that simple because, again, there are many factors worth considering. Most homeowners treat their sofa covers just like carpets, which means they wash them thoroughly twice a year on average. They usually do it once in spring and once in autumn. This is more than enough for carpets provided that you regularly vacuum them and treat them with stain removal solutions in case of spills. Carpets also experience most traffic in a home as you literally walk all over them multiple times per day. However, not all carpets can be washed so rarely and the frequency should therefore depend on the fabric, the design, as well as location. The same is true for sofa covers.

Depends Who Does It


The biggest deciding factor will ultimately be the one doing the washing. By this we mean the difference between professional cleaning services and you doing it yourself. The aforementioned method of washing your sofa covers every six months will work only if the professionals are doing it. Deep cleaning services are readily available all over the place and they will do a great job, giving your covers new life, cleaning them completely, and giving them a nice fresh smell for months to come. Going this route is probably a good idea if you have a lot of covers to deal with. You can change multiple sets, have them all in need of a proper wash, and then take the whole bunch to the cleaner’s store. Make sure to include all the covers you have, the ones of the sofas but also those you use on armchairs.

On the other hand, if you are doing it on your own just like any other type of cloth and textile like sheets, towelsc and clothes, you and your washing machine will be all that separates your home from always having clean sofa covers. Here is where things get a bit more difficult and demanding. If this is the way you want to do it, you should really be washing the covers more frequently, perhaps once per month or at least once every two months. Consider how much time you spend sitting on the sofas and how many people circulate through the room. Beside your family there are guests, extended family members, and probably a pet or two. That is a lot of traffic for any sort of fabric, let alone a cover that apart from aesthetics and comfort serves to protect the furniture underneath. Throw it in the washing machine once a month, put on a fresh set while this one is being washed and dried, and you will always have a neat-looking living room. Washing the covers is not a big deal, not any bigger than a full washing machine of anything else. Make sure to dry it out naturally if possible, give it some ironing love, and your home will look spotless, welcoming, and warm every day of the week.