How Many Acres Do You Need for a Hunting Ranch? – 2024 Guide

With too many restrictions in forest hunting, hunting lovers would definitely want to own their hunting ranch. A hunting land that one can own, manage, frequently visit, and get away on a weekend with family or friends. Isn’t it a perfect location to escape to and enjoy hiking, fishing, hunting, and camping?

With a good hunting ranch, you don’t have to restrict yourself to the hunting activities. Now, no one can dictate you or restrict you to limited stand sites as you focus on big bucks. There is no guarantee of continuing on someone else’s private land because if someone else offers a handsome amount, you lose access to your favorite hobby. And, most importantly, no one disturbs you while you are engaged in your favorite activity.

For a number of other reasons, owning a hunting ranch is essential. If you’ve chosen to purchase a hunting ranch, numerous questions hunt your mind. How many acres should the land be, whom should I approach, how should I maintain the ranch and the thread goes on.

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But, before addressing how many acres you should buy, let us focus on a few other essential things as well:

  • Is the land ideal for animal grazing?


The ranch shouldn’t be composed entirely of woods and nothing else. Make sure it has a considerable amount of open area, croppings, green grass, and fields for the animals to graze on. Also, you wouldn’t want to purchase a property that is deprived of greenery.

  • Does the land have other attractions?

Again, you wouldn’t want a brown land with no attractions whatsoever. It is not an ideal property. What would anyone do with a barren land? Besides being a ranch, the land should offer some attractions and good for animals to live.

  • Are you ready?

Yes, you should consider this factor too. A hunting ranch is not merely a place of your own to hunt and getaway. With the expense comes many more responsibilities. Are you ready for them all?

  • Do you have prior maintenance knowledge?


You cannot forget about the ranch once you buy it. You need to maintain it and take care of the animals too. There might be additional expenses eventually. Are you ready for it? Answer this question too.

  • Do you have a land agent?

At the end of the day, hunting ranches are just for recreational activities. But, the animals require continuous effort and land maintenance. If you think you may not be able to handle it all alone, hire a land agent.

How many acres do you need for a hunting ranch?

Hunting ranch usually varies with different factors considered and the type of animals you want to breed in the land. For example, the land required for deer breeding and bird breeding may not be the same. Even your style of hunting is also a factor that influences the acreage of the hunting ranch. If you prefer to hunt with a rifle, you may need a larger area, whereas a lesser area will suffice for bow hunting.

  • How many acres for deer?


Most of the hunters dominantly prefer deers over other livestock for hunting. But, there are diverse opinions on the acreage needed for hunting ranch for deer. The common argument is that the deer hunting ranch should comprise a minimum 10 acreage land. Otherwise, they say, there is a fair share of chances that the deer may escape into the wilds or the neighbor’s land while hunting.

  • How many acres for birds or turkeys?

Birds or turkeys usually require less land for hunting. An open field comprising 5-acres of land is the minimum land for hunting turkey or birds. But, it should have woods, greenery, and water too. These features of the land are especially essential for bird hunting. Also, fencing is also required for the land. But, that comes as an added responsibility because not all lands come with built fences.

  • How many acres for hogs?


Hogs are the second most hunted animals after deer. So, the field should be similar to that of a deer hunting ranch. With additional features such as ponds, green grass, woods, and bushy trees, the hog hunting ranch should be a minimum of 10 acres.

It is usually said that land suitable for hogs is suitable for deer and turkey as well. So, if you purchase a field with these requirements, then you can maintain other animals like turkey and deer as well, which is an added bonus.

  • How many acres for horses?

Many aspiring or experienced hunters dream about rearing horses and hunting them. However, it is expensive to both buy and maintain them. Also, horse grazing land should be green and fresh for horses unlike deer and other animals.
If you believe you can afford the expenses and maintenance too, you should go for it. The amount of land required for each horse is 4 acres. Thus, the average amount of land required is larger. If you want to breed 10 – 20 horses, you will need approximately 100 acres. It is not only extensive but expensive. So, make sure you can afford it.


Here is a word to the wise ones, before buying property research and collect information about the properties that are surrounding the property you are interested in. This gives you an idea about the market rate in the surrounding area hence avoiding any additional expense. Also, inquire what the surrounding landowners are utilizing their lands. This gives you a fair idea of the land type and what animal habitat it supports.

These are a few tips before finalizing your ideal hunting ranch. Harriganlad, however, takes care of all these factors, while you sit back and relax in your new hunting ranch on a weekend with your family.