[Latest] Cambridge IELTS Series 1 – 14 (PDF + Audio)

Cambridge IELTS: For effective IELTS preparation, take full advantage of this book

Referring to Cambridge, anyone who has ever taken IELTS will have to acknowledge the values ​​that the “father” of this test is embodied in each book.

When you were still young and lost your roots, Cambridge helped you build a solid English foundation with the knowledge in Grammar for IELTS, when you start the path to conquer IELTS, they lead you step by step with The Official Cambridge Guide to IELTS, and when you are about to finish, this publisher has launched a super-quality IELTS training set – seemingly to the legends of generations of IELTS test preparation.

Today, in this very article, I will share my experiences about the Cambridge IELTS exam preparation book 1-14 (The 14th book has just been published, so it is still very hot), so You can not ignore this article.

Introducing the Cambridge IELTS exam preparation

If to say, any book that people of IELTS “MUST HAVE”, no need to think more than 5s, I will always make sure it is the Cambridge IELTS test set by the publisher of the same name written and delivered to the learner.

Cambridge IELTS 1 - 14
Cambridge IELTS 1 – 14

Up to now, when IELTS gradually asserted its position in the hearts of learners, ranked first in the top 3 most popular exams (IELTS, TOIEC & TOEFL), the Cambridge exam papers were updated. Enter, more modern to meet the exam preparation needs of students.

This is a good sign, showing that IELTS will continue to grow and spread in the next generations.

This is the reason why the publisher decided to improve and upgrade other versions of each book in the Cambridge IELTS series.

Previously, Cambridge only released 6 Cambridge IELTS books with the sweet name that IELTS-ers called: “Cam 1, Cam 2, Cam 3 …… Cam 6“, now, our generation is again experience more than that when there are 8 more books were released.

Most recently, there are 4 books that are storming, reaching the top bestsellers of some bookstores are: Cam 10, Cam 11, Cam 12, Cam 13 and Cam 14 (Cam 14 super hot, new and being hunted a lot).

So to make it easier to understand, I will divide the Cambridge IELTS into 3 versions: Traditional, modern and up to date

  • The traditional version will be Cam units from 1-6
  • Modern version will be Cam from 7-10
  • The latest version will be Cam kit from 11-14

→ So, with such qualifications, you study this book is the wrong purpose then sir. In this case, you have another more effective option which is 4 IELTS 4 skills self-study guide for beginners.

Which Cam book should we do practice?

CAM 1-6: Should not learn

Cambridge IELTS 1 - 6
Cambridge IELTS 1 – 6

For a number of reasons below:

  • Question types, topics in Writing and exam format are outdated because these books have been published since 1998.
  • As you practice the tests in these books, your hands and brain will get used to the old format of the test → It is difficult to adapt and reflect on the new forms updated in recent years.

CAM 7-10: Should practice
This set of books still has a lot of values ​​for the learners so there is no reason why we don’t take advantage of them.

  •  Question types, exam format and topics in Writing and Speaking tests have been edited and refreshed by the publisher.
  •  Cam 7-10 offers many detailed sample solutions, with additional examiners’ comments based on the examination criteria
  •  The book still includes tests for two forms of test: IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training → Thick, unclassified books for students’ convenience.

Cam 11-14: Must practice
This is the Cam Book Series you absolutely need to have in your beloved bookcase and use them as a source of training.

A special feature of these books lies in:

  • The test of Academic and General Training forms has been separated into different forms, not in the same book anymore → Reducing “bulky” for the book, helping you focus on learning the chosen form 1 a lot easier way
  • Exam format has been quite different, grasping the trend of real exam questions in recent years. Typically, in the Listening test, in the form of the fill question no longer appears the phrase: “Write NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS” instead of “Write ONE WORD ONLY” in the forms of filling words → No too much to fool contestants like last year’s books.
  • The book is designed with increasing difficulty, ie the first two tests can be very easy, but will be harder in the second test behind. The way out of this problem is that the learner can get used to any level of the test, going from easy to difficult → Train and strengthen skills.

Advice for you

If you are just starting to practice IELTS:

The Cambridge IELTS series will not be suitable for you if you are a beginner of IELTS exam preparation, because it is actually a test set, which only provides tests (Designed in the right format of the real test. ) and there are no instructions or tips that teach you how to handle any kind of questions.

If you are practicing:

Start with Cam 7 and end with Cam 14, reviewing each book slowly. This is when you have a lot of time (from 6 months to 1 year to practice the subject) because by reviewing these books you will have a problem-solving skills and become familiar with the types of questions, increase your vocabulary and strengthen your vocabulary. Try reading, writing, listening skills a lot.

But if you have only a few months of intensive IELTS preparation, the best advice would be to start from Book 11-14, because these books are completely new, updated, and in line with the exam format. IELTS in recent years → Familiar with the types of exercises, learning common vocabulary and updating the brand new Topic of the Writing and Speaking test.

You need to remember that:

When practicing in the Cambridge series, make a habit of checking, analyzing the answers and translating the reading → This method of learning is unique to help you exploit the Test effectively, don’t just do and check the answers for achievements. Thankfully, I have a Reading exam book in the very hot Cambridge 07-14 IELTS series (in special offer) to serve the translation of your Reading lesson.

So we have together answered all the information surrounding this very famous Cambridge IELTS exam preparation book.

Make use of this book effectively, it will bring unexpected value to you. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate and share in the comment section below.

How to download the books?

Click the link of the IELTS book you need, and it will directly downloaded within few seconds.

Cambridge IELTS 01 : Download  Mirror 1

Cambridge IELTS 02: Download  Mirror 2

Cambridge IELTS 03: Download Mirror 3

Cambridge IELTS 04: Download  Mirror 4

Cambridge IELTS 05: Download  Mirror 5

Cambridge IELTS 06: Download 

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Cambridge IELTS 08: Download  

Cambridge IELTS 09: Download  

Cambridge IELTS 10: Download  

Cambridge IELTS 11:

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Cambridge IELTS 12:

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Cambridge IELTS 13:

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Cambridge IELTS 14:

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