How to Know When to Bet Low or High When Playing Online Slots

Do you love to have a lot of online fun? Are you a huge fan of casinos and slots in particular? If so, you probably know all the rules of placing huge bets and walking away while not gambling a ton of money away. You might also have your very own strategy on how to win big? However, rookies might have a hard time figuring out balance and what works best for them. Online gaming’s growth has far surpassed traditional casino gaming, and if you wish to give it a go you should know how to bet high and when to bet low. Keep on reading and understand your gaming tactic.

Do you get more value for a bigger bet + should you bet high?


A ton of games are available across different sites and online. This is why finding that perfect site with an impressive amount of slots can be a challenge (always aim for something that suits your style and gameplay). The truth is that you can actually get better odds and pay tables for your money. Take a close look at all of your options and see which one makes the most sense to play, and which one is the most profitable. If you’re a fan of high-risk games, but with potentially good payouts, consider going all-in. In the end, it all comes down to your personal preference and your budget. You can get more value for placing bigger bets, but you’re also at risk of losing it all.

When is the right time for you to bet less?

The truth is that slots can be time-consuming and not as fun to play after 15-20 minutes pass. This especially applies to online casinos since with land-based kinds you get to interact with other people at least. Each game you play within a casino will have the same goal: to take your money away from you and profit off of you. This rule applies to both online and in-person facilities. Online slots can be very entertaining and exciting, which is why smaller investments might be better for you and your specific case. If you’re playing for fun and not for cash, be patient and go for low deposits. Also, it is better to bet low if you’re a rookie who is just starting out with gambling.

When is the best timing to bet big & cash in? Top 4 tips to follow


1. During holidays

As you probably know by now, casinos tend to create the best deals, promotions and offers around the holiday season. A lot of providers will introduce special perks for players around Christmas, and New Year, and will also hit you up around your birthday (as long as you subscribe to their newsletter of great deals and monthly promotions). Not only that you might experience appealing bonuses, but you will also face a lot of variety. There is a reason why casinos do this a couple of times a year: they are aware that you’re in a good mood, that you have probably been drinking, and that you’re not afraid to go all out! Always play responsibly and stay sober to avoid these rookie mistakes, but aim for higher bets during this period.

2. The summertime season

Summer is another right period of the year to have a ton of fun and browse through some new sites and options. Summer months are quite busy, allowing you to have fun with your closest friends and family, but definitely if you are off on a holiday or vacation. Summer is all about big deals and going all-in with your cash + a ton of different sites will have options that you will not want to miss out on. You can enjoy no-deposit offers, free spins, cashback deals, and many more from June-August with most online sites. You will probably notice some new slots in the upcoming period as well, just keep your eyes open.

3. Watch out for the end of the month


Most sites recommend that you test your luck at the end of the month instead of doing it in the beginning. Some casinos and stats say that you can expect most of the wagering in the last 2 or 3 days before the end of the month. The truth is that you may have some money laying on the side from your previous paycheck, feeling hopeful and wanting to go all in!

PS: You should know that there is no right answer to the question of when to play slots (day or night). Most slots are made the same in terms of their fairness and equality, allowing for the same RTP and possible cashouts.

4. Only play big when you are firm with your budget

If you want to bet big and try to make some profit overnight, but it is still not the holiday or summer, why not base the decision according to your budget? Once you have enough money for betting purposes and you can afford to place as many bets as you want, it would be the best time to play. No one can stop you as long as you’re serious, sober, and clear-minded as well as possible in making rational decisions. Always aim for and pick a casino that takes care of your safety and allows you to set deposit limits. You can have the exact same amount of fun with $1 or $20 deposit slots.


Where to have fun when it comes to online casinos and slots?

Speaking of gambling and being a responsible player, you should know that it all comes down to you picking out a site that has a variety of games while being fast & reliable. Enjoy no deposit bonuses and browse through your sites, knowing that you’re in safe hands! You can also enjoy free spins and a ton of other perks for serious or casual gameplay. See for yourself and start betting big!