South American Poker Paradise: Punta del Este

If you really would like to play poker and spend some time in a unique atmosphere you should definitely try and go to Punta del Este, Uruguay – below you can find out some useful info.

1. How to get there


Punta del Este is located in Uruguay. There are direct flights from Buenos Aires, Argentina. The easiest way to get to Punta del Este from Europe is first to get to Montevideo and from there you can reach Punta del Este by plane, car or bus. The bus fare is around $10 and it takes about 2 hours to get there. It is also an option to get to Punta del Este by ferry from Buenos Aires, Argentina, however you should know that such a journey takes more than 6 hours so if you are not fond of ferrying you should choose another method.

If you choose to fly from Europe, you can get there from London, Madrid or Vienna. You can have tickets from $650 – $700.

2. Accommodation


There are plenty of opportunities to stay in Punta del Este. There are plenty of great hotels in Punta del Este where the quality of the service and the pleasure of which surely meet your standards. The most well-known hotels in Punta del Este are Hotel Fasano, Punta del Este and Conrad Hotel & Casino. The average price per night in such hotels starts around $100-200, however the more expensive suites can go up to around $400 -500 per night. Although, an average 3–4 star hotel offers far lower prices.

However, Punta del Este is pretty expensive in terms of vacation. In terms of food and drinks, you should expect that there will be a bit higher prices compared to the prices in other parts of Uruguay.

3. Other activities worth to try


Punte del Este is a great venue to see. It is located in the peninsula of Uruguay. It has many beautiful beaches to see and to have a good time.

Probably the most well-known beach in Punta del Este is Playa Mansa, which is a top area of South America perfect for leisure. It is a really good choice to have great pleasure with your friends. If you happen to like dancing or tango you should definitely visit Argentina which you can see from the coast of Punta del Este. It is really easy to get there by plane; it only takes an hour from Buenos Aires.

4. Cost of poker


Punta del Este is the venue of the well-known poker – Americas Cardroom (ACR). ACR, which is the flagship poker site of Winning Poker Network, recently offered a prize packages worth $8,000 in February and gave the chance to win poker vacations to Enjoy Punta del Este Resort and Casino. In such satellites the buy-in is pretty low – around $100. Most of the casinos offer cash games also, typical limits are from $1/$2 to $10/$20.

On average, out of $100-150 per day, you can make a pretty good time in Punta del Este. But if you are planning to play poker, you will need a bigger bankroll depending on the limit you play. Needless to say, there are much more expensive places. To sum up the expenses of travel, accommodation, and poker, it will cost around $2,000 – 2,500 to stay and enjoy playing poker in Punta del Este for a weekend.

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