How Has Online Gambling Changed in the Past Decade

If you think that online gambling was the same since forever, we must tell you that a lot of things were changed through the decades, and if you compare an online casino from 10 years ago, with a new one, you will see plenty of differences. Even though it seems 2012 wasn’t that long ago, it’s a whole decade, and for sure a lot of things have changed since then. First, it’s worth noticing that most of the gamblers today use their smartphone for this purpose, but back then, the phones weren’t that powerful to handle that type of activity.

We can say that in the last two years the change in this area is really dramatic and that what we have today maybe even five years ago was unthinkable. Nowadays there are so many choices of online casinos, with different licenses and rules, with different games and payment methods, that for many users it can be confusing. Of course, this is due to the rapid technological development, but also to the fact that in the last two years we are living in emergency conditions due to the current pandemic with covid-19.

The demand for richer content has skyrocketed in 2024, with owners seeking licenses to run games of chance through online platforms. We now have services available to us on every device, at any time and these are really serious casinos that respect the legal norms, and is a great example of that.

In fact, when it comes to technology, ten years is really a period in which miracles can happen, in terms of development and the availability of modern advanced solutions for users.

Here are some ways in which online gambling has changed in the last decade:

1. Most users use mobile devices


It also meant that game development had to focus more on mobile versions of the game. From responsive sites, mobile versions, to apps, online gambling is now more accessible on mobile phones than ever before. Once upon a time, this meant developing separate applications for different devices, but today there are advanced ways for the same application to fit every mobile device. Also, this availability is good for those who do not use computers, and their favorite activity is at hand no matter where they are. Smartphones obviously help make this industry easily accessible to anyone interested in having fun this way.

2. There are constantly new offers and innovations

To remain competitive in this market, you need to be innovative. Sometimes, innovation does not mean constantly having new games or applications but optimizing the services you offer. Gamblers are well aware of this and follow these trends more than anyone so that they can both gain new customers and retain existing ones. That is why it is very important to constantly offer attractive games and services, and as we can see, this is happening in reality.

3. User’s data protection is at a high level


To be able to register at an online casino, you need to provide your personal information. Because of this, the protection of this data is at an all-time high. Over time, providers have come to realize the importance of protecting their customers’ data and thus have gained their full trust. Almost every licensed casino also has a data protection certificate and this is crucial in organizing prize games because users are not exposed to risks.

4. You have more payment options

Virtual wallets, cards, online accounts, and even cryptocurrencies – today you have a really large selection, and more and more casinos include all the options in their offer. That way you can choose the payment method that has the lowest transaction costs and through which you will get your winnings on the account the fastest. Sometimes there are restrictions, which usually depend on the geographical location, but in general, if one provider is available in more than one country, it usually includes local payment methods as an option.

5. Many games are available for betting


You can bet almost anything online, even on players who gamble in another game, and you are just an audience. Gambling is a form of gambling that is considered a more stable way of investing and winning. Big profits require more risk, but also more money, which can be easily lost. But finally, those who do not like progressive and fast games can bet online, without any obstacles in the process.

6. Many available bonuses

Bonuses are something without which we can not imagine a modern online casino. With the help of these bonuses, we can try a game or have fun temporarily without spending a lot of our money. However, the bonuses get even better with the loyalty and the investment that the player is willing to give. But it is good that there is for everyone, even for those who do not want to pay a deposit, because they are not sure if a particular service is to their preferences and expectations.

7. Good customer support

Sometimes there was no customer support at all or we waited for hours to get an answer to the problem. Today you have the option to talk live with operators and solve any problem immediately. In this way, the casinos have become more user-friendly than ever, and thus they are sure that the user will remain loyal to them for as long as possible.



The last decade, and especially the last 2 to 3 years have brought many changes in the way people have fun but also use online services. Although they are more accessible to us than ever, we still need to be aware that fraudsters are also perfecting their methods, so we must be really careful about how we act and what we do. Fortunately, trusted online casinos know how to protect themselves and their customers, and this is a sign of a huge step forward in their seriousness towards consumers. As you can see, there are so many things changed, and it’s on you to embrace them.