4 Ways Streetwear Changed The Fashion World

Times are changing, and with them also change the trends in the fashion industry. This seems to be a sphere with continuous major shifts and sudden changes, so something that used to be strange and unacceptable becomes a big hit over time. We can say that this was exactly the case with streetwear. Streetwear originated in the 1970s and originated from skateboarding, surfing and hip-hop culture. However, today we see that streetwear has completely revolutionized high fashion and that this fashion trend is becoming a very significant part of women and men’s clothes. Below you can read about several ways in which streetwear has changed the fashion world.

1. Streetwear has brought a celebration of diversity to the fashion industry

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We can say that today in almost all areas the emphasis is on celebrating diversity. We don’t all need to put ourselves in the same pattern to meet some socially imposed standards. Quite the opposite – we should celebrate that we are unique and that each of us is one of a kind. Well, it was streetwear that brought the celebration of diversity into the world of fashion.

To better explain how this happened, it is important to understand where this street style came from. It originally originated from a skater, surfer and hip-hop culture and was initially associated with rebellion. This whole style was viewed condescendingly, because it did not fit into previous fashion trends. It represented something completely new and different in women’s and men’s clothes.

Today, however, streetwear is associated with a great cultural heritage – Latin Americans and African Americans wore streetwear to mark their origins and culture. For a long time, street style was not recognized in the fashion industry, but things have changed significantly throughout the years. Today, street fashion style is part of the world’s biggest fashion shows and behind such pieces stand world recognized names such as Louis Vuitton. This fashion style revolutionized the world of fashion because it helped celebrate diversity and revive true values ​​of life.

2. Street style has become part of the fashion style of the influencer all over the world

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As we have already mentioned, street style has not been recognized in the fashion industry for decades. However, one of the biggest turning points was the moment when celebrities started wearing pieces of street clothes, which was not the case until then. Street clothes were worn only by rebels, and now this has become a trend followed by Kanye West, Justin Bieber and many others.

At that moment, the fashion industry began to change, and more and more eminent brands around the world wanted to include pieces of streetwear in their offer. What made them even more tempting was the fact that they were limited editions. All this has influenced street women and men’s clothes to take on a completely different tone and more and more people want to try these pieces.

Of course, we cannot fail to mention the influence of social media here. Today, more and more influencers are choosing to promote different pieces of streetwear, so their followers are inspired and decide to try something similar. All this results in the growing popularity of street style and its huge influence in the fashion industry.

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3. Street style has influenced the rebranding of the biggest fashion houses around the world

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When streetwear started to gain increasing popularity, the biggest fashion houses around the world realized that there was simply no room to resist this new movement becoming part of their offer. However, for most fashion houses, this required a complete rebranding, in order to make the streetwear offer meaningful and effective at the end of the day.

Some of the names that have introduced new streetwear pieces to their offer are Gucci, Ives Saint Laurent, Givenchy, and others. This required them to approach their brand in a completely different way and refresh it by breathing life into new fashion styles as part of their offer. All this revolutionized the world of fashion, and in the end proved to be very successful. The result was the growing presence and popularity of women’s and men’s streetwear.

4. It offered some new investment opportunities

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Another reason why streetwear has changed the fashion world is also because it has introduced new investment opportunities. From year to year, street style becomes one of the integral parts of the biggest fashion shows in the world, so it can be seen every year in Paris, Milan and London. Due to the great potential it shows, more and more celebrities are choosing to build their own streetwear brands and produce expensive, luxurious and very trendy pieces that everyone will want to have and wear.

Kanye West, Justin Bieber and Beyonce are just some of the names behind the very popular brands that offer streetwear. These companies, therefore, are becoming very attractive to invest in and make huge profits. Of course, we cannot know how long this trend will last, but judging by the fact that it has a long cultural heritage and a strong message behind it, we do not believe that it will be any time soon.

That is why it is believed that companies that produce street pieces can expect increasing prosperity in the years to come, so they are one of the main places where investors around the world choose to invest their money.


Streetwear was a style associated with skater, surfer and hip-hop culture, and it was long viewed condescendingly because it was associated with rebellion. In short: it was not considered a legit fashion style. Still, things have changed significantly over time, and streetwear has completely revolutionized the fashion world. Streetwear has brought a celebration of diversity to the fashion industry. It has become part of the fashion style of influencers all over the world and it has influenced the rebranding of the biggest fashion houses around the world. It has introduced new investment opportunities and overall completely changed the way the fashion industry functioned before it.