4 Signs You Are Overpaying For Your Cleaning Service


Did you hire a cleaning company just to discover that your friend is paying less for the same services you’re receiving? Or do you want to hire someone that’ll help you keep your home clean and you just want to make sure that they aren’t overcharging you? Whatever situation you’re in, we’ve compiled a list of the most common signs that you might be overpaying for the cleaning service you opted for:

  1. If They Ask You to Provide The Equipment They Need

One of the first signs that your cleaning company might be overcharging you is if they ask you to provide the equipment and products they require to complete the job. You should never, I repeat, never pay for the things they require and they shouldn’t use the cleaning supplies that are already located in your home. After all, you won’t only be paying the workers, instead, you’ll also be paying for the supplies they use, thus, if they don’t bring their supplies, it’s likely they’re overcharging you.

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  1. If They Charge By Hour

If they charge by the hour, you should know that they probably won’t clean your home as well, mostly because the employees will want to clean as many houses as they can to get a higher salary. This means that you may be overpaying for the services you won’t actually get! So, when looking for a company, you might want to opt for one such as My Shiny Clean that has an online calculator that’ll allow you to choose what you want to be cleaned, how often you want your house cleaned, and in return, you’ll receive a price estimate.

  1. If They Aren’t Insured or Licensed

Another warning sign that you should be extra careful about is whether or not the company is licensed and insured. Why is this important? Well, besides ensuring that they’re professional, it’ll also prevent you from being liable if a cleaner gets injured in your home. Hence, you might end up paying a hefty amount of money to the employee in the end. So, if the company charges a crazy amount, but isn’t insured, they might be ripping you off.

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  1. If They Aren’t Trained Properly

Everyone that pays an individual to do something will want to get what they’re paying for, which is why you must ensure that you hire a professional that’ll be trained properly. If you don’t ensure this, you’ll be paying someone to clean your home, however, they might not do it properly, which means that you might have to clean the areas that they didn’t all over again – which makes paying for such services crazy. Hence, if they didn’t display this info on the site, ask whether or not their employees are trained.


If you’ve noticed any of the aforementioned warning signs in the company you hired – or might hire – it’s quite possible that they’re overcharging you for their services. Because of this, it’s important to consider a wide range of factors, and more importantly, don’t forget to get price estimates from several organizations so that you can easily compare all the services you’ll receive and the money you’ll be paying for them.