Practice Test 15: Similar meanings (Nouns)

Practice Test 15: Similar meanings (Nouns) Exercise 1:Look at sentences 1 – 20. These can either be completed with a word from box A or a word with a similar meaning from box B. Identify both the words that could be used. In some cases, you will need to add an -s to one or … Read more


TECHNOLOGY 1.Progress words: When you write and speak about computers and technology, very often you will be asked to say how technology has changed or progressed. Innovation /innovative: The cloud is one of the latest innovations in computer technology. Advance: One major advance is in the use of computers in transport regulation. Develop /development: It … Read more

Vocabulary on topic for TOEFL IBT 5: Employment

EMPLOYMENT 1.Employ – word formation: Employ: Some companies prefer to employ people with experience than better qualified graduates. Employment We can see from the chart that the rate of employment fell by 25% in their third quarter of the year. Employee Some companies do not reward their employees as well as others do. Employer In … Read more

TOEFL IBT Practice Test 30 from Official TOEFL iBT Test

TOEFL iBT Listening Practice 30

TOEFL IBT Practice Test 30 from Official TOEFL iBT Test with Audio volume 1 *Note: If you need the answer key for this test, please comment your email below. Therefore, we can send it for you immediately!! Directions: Now answer the questions. 1.Why does the man go to the computer center? To learn how to … Read more