Vocabulary on topic for TOEFL IBT 5: Employment


1.Employ – word formation:


Some companies prefer to employ people with experience than better qualified graduates.


We can see from the chart that the rate of employment fell by 25% in their third quarter of the year.


Some companies do not reward their employees as well as others do.


In this situation, it is the duty of the employer to make sure the female workers are not discriminated against.


Unemployment is a serious problem in some countries in Europe.



Sadly, there is still amount of discrimination against women in the workplace.

Working environment:

Employers can help relieve the pressure on their employees by ensuring they have a pleasant working environment.

Hours of work:

In some professions, such as law, the hours of work are much longer than in others.

The working week:

There is much to be said for the proposal that the working week should be reduced to 35 hours.

Work-life balance:

A sensible work- life balance can help employees work more efficiently.

Work placement:

Many large organisations have work placement programmes that provide students with experience before they start their career.

In/out of work:

Unemployment has been on the increase in many countries and sometimes up to 10% of the workforce are out of work


Job security:

For some people job security is more important than financial reward.

Job placement:

Some companies have job placement schemes for university students.

Job satisfaction:

It is hard to underestimate the value of job satisfaction.

Job description:

Some employees have very broad job descriptions


Employers can attract jobseekers with attractive employment packages.



These companies perhaps need to change the interview process so that they hire the right candidates.


It is not always the case that a university degree is the best qualification in the world of finance.


Some graduates have difficulty finding a job because they do not have the relevant work experience.


Employers need to provide training to ensure that their staff are able to adapt to these new technologies.


In many countries the age of retirement is now 68 or even 70.


There is a danger that employees will hand in their resignation and look for another job.


There is an argument for promoting employees who show the most potential.


One side-effect of adopting these new technologies is that it has led to mass redundancies in manufacturing industries.

5.Adjectives to describe jobs


One of the most rewarding aspects of the work is the chance to work with children.


While this can be challenging, there is no doubt that it can be equally rewarding.


A great deal of office work is in fact quite repetitive and not especially challenging.


It is the type of opportunity that would suit an ambitious university graduate.


One of most stressful aspects of the modern workplace is the constant threat of redundancy.


Although business trips and the chance to travel abroad may seem glamorous, they are frequently the source of stress.