Thomas J Henry Net Worth – 2024


We live in a society that functions under a legal system but are we following all the laws and abiding by the code of conduct in the society is the real question.

Thomas J Henry brings with him impressive expertise that defines him as one of the best lawyers. The finesse he brings in the world of law has left everyone awestruck. Besides winning many cases he has also won many hearts.

About Thomas J Henry

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Thomas J Henry is a lecturer and one of the most experienced lawyers in America. He is known for his elaborate arguments and sticks to fair play by not only advocating it but also practicing it in his court trials. He belongs to the million-dollar club and also is ranked at the number one position for being the best trial lawyer in the USA.

Early Life And Family

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He was born on 5 April 1962 to Florence and Frank Henry. He was born in Germany and was brought up in Kansas, USA. He belonged to a militant family and from a young age, he was taught manners, etiquettes, and discipline which he had to follow. These values which he was taught due to his strict upbringing shaped him into an excellent lawyer.

He married Azteca Henry. They have two kids Maya Henry and Thomas Henry Junior. His marriage did end on a sad note. Currently, he resides with his children in Texas.

His Career And Major Milestones

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He completed his law education at St.Mary’s law school in San Antonio, Texas. He also started his legal career in the same school after he received his degree in 1988. He initially started in the field of law as a trial lawyer. He currently also trains newbies entering the field of law and is the founder of the USA’s best law firm.

The Newsweek legal insight has named him as a legal superstar and his law firm was given the title of being “The Premiere law firm” in the USA for the year 2016.

He has been serving society for the last 25 years and has worked with victims of vehicle accidents and medical malpractice claims. He is also a social worker and is doing his bit in helping society by providing food, shelter, and education to the needy. He is also working with old-age homes.

The lifetime character of Rue rated him as one of the best attorneys of America. He was named among the top 100 trial lawyers of America under the National Trial Lawyer list.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Thomas J Henry

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1. He holds one of the most prestigious positions in the American legal system but he also has achieved many other accolades.
2. He is a member of the multi-million and million-dollar advocate forum. This forum is made of America’s richest trial lawyers and it is a matter of great pride and honor to be part of the group.
3. He was ranked as the top birth injury advocate by The Parenting magazine.

Net Worth

His current network is $40 Million. His law firm and his renowned service are the major factors behind his financial success.