Kassem G Net Worth – 2024


Kassem Gharaibeh is an American entertainer and a talented comedian who is most popular for his amazing online videos on Kassem’s YouTube Channel. Kassem G has over 2.5 million subscribers, he has many recordings, and almost 441 million views and likes on his YouTube channel. Some of the famous one’s are Going Deep, California On, and Street Music We Series. He additionally has a subsequent channel, KassemGtwo, which has around 500,000 subscribers. Let’s know a little more about his life and income.

About Kassem G

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Kassem G was born on October 10, in the year of 1983 and today he is 38 years old. In June 2011, Kassem G was a guest host of Ray William Johnson’s Equals Three series. In the year referenced above, he, along with Ryan Higa, was featured in a YouTube film called Agents of Secret Stuff. His job was said to be that of Mr. Anderson.

In 2009, Kassem G, along with Lisa Donovan, and Shay Butler established the Maker Studios. The company acknowledged a buyout offer from “The Walt Disney organization” on 24th March in the year 2014 which was worth $500 million. With more monetary advancement, the arrangement will be $950 million.

Early Life And Family

Kassem’s dad was from Jordan, and his mom was from Egypt. He left Saudi Arabia for Florida when he was four years old. Kassem G spent his childhood in the California region of Ventura. He prefers keeping his own life and relationship status covered up in secret. There is no available data about his wife or kids. All that is known is Kassem G lives in Ventura County, California.

Career And Achievements

At first, Kassem Gharaibeh used to work at a Best Buy and as a stand-up satire at the end of the week. He generally acted in little places like cafés. A friend of his named Cory Williams gave him the idea of making YouTube recordings. One of Williams’ recordings had turned into a web sensation. He had been working in retail for a long time when he quit his job and began making recordings as a full-time source of income.

Kassem G has a magnificent following on his YouTube channel. Both the channels, if combined, make approximately three million subscribers. Several videos have been uploaded by him and several videos have been uploaded by him on his YouTube channel and they have acquired many million views from all over the world.

As an achievement, Kassem Gharaibeh has successfully won the 2013 streamy award for best host.

Net Worth

Kassem G has a net worth of $5 million in assets as of June 2024.Their Maker Studios are worth $500 million, with a possible increase to $950 million in financial targets. His performances as an entertainer help to round out the crate.

Kassem has two channels on YouTube, Kassem G, and KassemGtwo, with over 2.5 million and 0.5 million followers, respectively. He has been recognized for his outstanding performance on television.