Are Timber Frame Homes More Expensive To Build?

If you prefer the traditional style when you are planning to build a house, the timber frame can be the perfect solution. There are many benefits of choosing this material, such as excellent insulation, faster construction, cost-efficiency, design, and more. Also, it is much better in ecological aspects.

Before you decide about whether you want to build a house of timber or with bricks, you should learn more about the important features of both options. One of the main reasons why people choose wood is the time needed for construction. The reason why it needs less time is that you can order components that are already assembled.

Moreover, it is important to choose a reliable supplier because it is essential for the structure to be built with high-quality wood. The best option is to buy locally. Therefore, you should check available stores where you can buy high-quality timber frame kits.

The price of building a house is one of the main factors when it comes to the selection of materials. In this article, we are going to analyze more about the price of building a timber frame house, and compare it with other options.

Is It a Lot Cheaper Than Bricks?

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When it comes to the base of the house, timber is a cheaper solution. However, all other processes like electric installations, plumbing, and more will cost the same. On the other hand, you will save money on workers. Since you are buying finished parts that need to be connected on-site, you can save a lot of money on that part of the process. Also, there is no need to hire highly experienced people because building this model of home is not as complex as when you choose bricks.

Furthermore, if your main focus is on saving more money, there are some methods that you can apply to make it even cheaper. First of all, you should choose a simple construction with a classic two-sides roof. Also, a lot of people are interested in additional details that can be added to interior parts of the frame. It can provide the home with a unique design, but you will have to spend more as well.

Another factor is related to where you are ordering the material. In case that the company is far away from your location, you will have to consider the additional expenses of transportation. When the cost of the final project is taken into account, the savings are only a few percent compared to bricks.

What About the Insurance?

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The common misconception is that you might face certain issues when it comes to insurance policy for timber houses. However, the increase in popularity is affecting insurance companies to offer the same conditions as for any other materials. The advanced methods used in the production and selection of wood are also bringing benefits when it comes to insurance.

Even though it is marked as non-standard material, the fact is that oak, which is the most common material for timber frames, has a higher resistance to fire, making it a safer solution than other options. Apart from that, if the construction is following the official standards, the policy will cost the same as for any other material.

Is It a Good Investment?

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As we already mentioned, the modern methods and equipment is providing the same resistance and durability as for bricks. Also, some benefits are making it an even better investment. First of all, it will require less time to finish the construction. That leads to lower expenses related to the workforce. Besides that, it provides excellent insulation, which means that this option is energy efficient and will result in lower utilities.

The fact that it is eco-friendly is bringing a huge potential for this material to become even more popular in the future. Therefore, it can be profitable to invest in timber frame house because there are many indications that it will become a trend, which will lead to higher prices as well.

Are There Any Downsides?

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You will find a lot of negative sides to this material. Still, you should keep in mind that most of these things are misconceptions. For example, many people assume that the biggest downside is that the wood might rot over time. If you buy high-quality wood and hire experts to build your house, there is only a minor chance to face this issue. Even those people who simply don’t like the design can still get the benefits of timber, while the walls can be covered with the layer of bricks.

On the other side, the only significant deficiency of timber when compared to other solutions is the sound isolation. However, you can resolve that problem by adding a layer of bricks or other models of soundproofing. Also, there can be an increased risk of mold, but you can resolve that by investing in a good isolation.

The Bottom Line

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The price can be influenced by many factors, and it should never be your main focus. There are many ways to make the construction cheaper, but you will have to sacrifice some details and features that will affect the visual properties and functionality of the house. The material is slightly more expensive than bricks and other options, but other parts of the process can be much cheaper.

The amount of money that you can save by choosing this material is not so significant compared to bricks. However, other advantages of timber make it an excellent long term solution. The building process is simple and fast, while the improved isolation can lead to great savings on electricity bills.

The final price will increase if you want to add details like vaulted frame, styled windows, and more. On the other hand, that can be an excellent investment if you are planning to sell the house at some point. Timber is becoming a trend because it is a much better solution for the environment due to great properties like energy efficiency and decreased carbon dioxide emission.