TOEFL iBT Listening Practice Test 01 From Barron’s TOEFL iBT

Listening 7 “Bookstore”

35. What does the man need from the bookstore?

A schedule of classes for next term

A form to order books

Specific books for his classes

Information about employment

36. What does the man need if he wants a full refund?
Click on 2 answer choices.


His registration form

A receipt for the purchase

Proof of his deposit

37. What does the woman mean when she says this: O

She is not sure that the student employee will give her the form

She thinks that he will have to wait for the student employees.

She does not want the man to bother her because she is busy.

She is is not sure that the man understands what to do.

38. What does the woman imply about the used books she sells?

They are purchased before new books.

They do not have marks in them.

She does not recommend buying them.

 She would rather sell new books.

39. What does the man need to do now?

Go to the bank to get money for the deposit

Sit down and fill out the form to order books

Take his books back to the dormitory

Locate the section numbers for his classes

Listening 8 “Environmental Science Class

40. What is this lecture mainly about?

An overview of fuel cell technology

A process for producing fuel cells

Comparison of fuel cell models

Some problems in fuel cell distribution

41. What does the professor mean when he says this: O

He wants the students to take notes.

He would like the students to participate.

He is impressed with these options.

He does not plan to talk about the alternatives.

42. Why does the professor mention the STEP program in Australia?

He has personal experience in this project.

He is referring to information from a previous discussion.

He is comparing it to a successful program in Japan.

He thinks it is a very good example of a project.

43. Why does the professor say this: O

To indicate that the date is not important

To provide a specific date for the contract

To correct a previous statement about the date

To show that he is uncertain about the date

44. What are some of the problems associated with fuel cell technology?
Click on 2 answer choices.

 Noise pollution

Public acceptance

Supplies of hydrogen

Investment in infrastructures

45. What is the professor’s attitude toward fuel cells?

He thinks that the technology is not very efficient.

He is hopeful about their development in the future.

He is doubtful that fuel cells will replace fossil fuels.

He is discouraged because of the delays in production.

Listening 9 “Philosophy Class”



46. What is the main focus of this discussion?

The Renaissance

Important scholars


Political reform

47. Why does the professor say this:

She thinks that the spelling of the term is not important.

She assumes that the students know how to spell the term.

She knows that the term can be found in the textbook.

She does not want to spend time explaining the term.

48. Why does the professor mention the drawing by Leonardo da Vinci?

She wants the students to refer to their textbook more often.

She uses it as an example of the union of art and science.

She says that it is one of her personal favorites.

 She contrasts his work with that of other artists.

49. According to the professor, what was the effect of using Latin as a universal language of scholarship?

It facilitated communication among intellectuals in many countries.

It made Rome the capital of the world during the Renaissance.

It caused class distinctions to be apparent throughout Europe.

It created an environment in which new ideas were suppressed.

50. According to the professor, what can be inferred about a Renaissance man?

He would probably be a master craftsman.

He would have an aptitude for both art and science.

 He would be interested in classical philosophers.

He would value logic at the expense of creativity.

51. All of the following characteristics are true of humanism EXCEPT

Mankind is innately good.

 Scholars must serve society.

The individual is important.

Human beings ara rational.