TOEFL IBT Listening Practice Test 09 From Delta’s Key TOEFL Test

Question 23-28

23. What is the lecture mainly about?
(A) Basic problems in every society

(B) How a market economy works

(C) The power of consumer

(D) Economics as a career choice


24. Listen again to part of the lecture. Then answer the question.
Why does the professor say this:
(A) To complain about government’s power over business

(B) To give examples of economic organizations

(C) To criticize the unfairness of the capitalist system
(D) To contrast a pure market economy with a mixed economy


25. What does the professor mean when she says this:
(A) Consumers prefer buying goods that are well made.
(B) Consumers have the right to vote to elect their leaders.
(C) Consumers use their money like votes when they buy goods.
(D) Consumers and voters are both manipulated by advertising.


26. According to the professor, why does the demand for a good increase when the price decreases?
(A) Decreasing the price will improve the quality of the good.
(B) More people are able to buy the good at the lower price.
(C) Suppliers have higher production costs and higher profits.
(D) Consumers will have access to a greater variety of goods.


27. Listen again to part of the lecture. Then answer the question.
What does the professor imply about the supply of a good?
(A) The supply of a good can increase, but never decrease.
(B) An economist determines how much of a good to supply.
(C) Producers have little control over the supply of a good.
(D) The supply of a good is directly related to its price.


28. What will the next lecture probably be about?
(A) Examples of how supply and demand affect prices
(B) Why the market system is not fair to consumers
(C) How the factory system developed in the real world
(D) Market economics in communist and tribal societies

Question 29-34


35. Why does the man go to the learning resource center?
A. He wants to know where to register to take a test.
B. He is looking for a quiet place to study.
C. He needs help in improving his study skills.

D. He would like to find a tutor to help him study.


36. What does the woman suggest the man do?
(A) Attend one of the special workshops

(B) Register for a class that she teaches

(C) Read an article about time management

(D) Look at the list of available tutors


37. When do most of the special workshops take place?
A. In the morning

B. In the evening

C. On Wednesday

D. On Saturday


38. Listen again to part of the conversation. Then answer the question.
Why does the man say this:
(A) To show disappointment that the classes are full
(B) To express hope that the workshop will help him
(C) To state that the classes sound interesting

(D) To express pleasure that the workshops are free


39. What will the man probably do next?
A. Search for information on the computer

B. Look at the workshops that are available

C. Pay the fee for an evening workshop

D. Ask the woman about finding a tutor