7 Ways Translation Services Help Grow Your Business

The importance of translation services for global businesses comes out in several conspicuous ways. Even for small businesses operating locally, translation services have proven to be an effective key to reaching more potential customers. But beyond that, translation services do much more for both small and big brands.

Professional translation companies help bridge the communication gap between brands and their customers or prospects. Obviously, effective communication goes beyond sending error-free emails, well-documented newsletters, or creating exciting marketing messages to customers. In this case, communication deals more with how well you, as a brand, can connect with your target audience and get them to make purchases.

In this post, we’ll share 7 ways that translation services help your business grow. Whether you run a small local business or represent the marketing team of a large corporation, the benefits of working with translation companies can hardly be ignored.

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1. Translation services help you engage with your audience better

It is one thing to market to potential customers in a general language that they understand. However, it is yet another to speak to them in their own language. The difference between the two approaches is that a brand that speaks to local customers in their first languages can connect with them emotionally.

Some communities even see it as a sign of respect when popular brands communicate with them in their native languages. Studies have shown that this set of customers constitutes a large percentage of loyal customers. They naturally prefer to patronize a brand that comes down to their level to market to them (in their native tongues) rather than make them switch to a different/foreign language to make a purchase.

Brands that have discovered this strategy have leveraged it on a massive scale to reach and keep more local customers in different territories.

2. Translation companies help you target international customers

This one is quite obvious. True, engaging translation services require additional marketing budget allocation, but in essence, it is the vehicle that helps you leap beyond international boundaries. Businesses looking to scale beyond local and national markets must actively engage professional translation services in the target country if their primary or native language is not English, French, or any other major international language.

Keep in mind that translation is a comprehensive package including other essential services, such as interpretation, transcription, and localization. This makes it even more important to see the assistance of professional translation companies. In search optimization, for instance, translation services can help you figure out the top-ranking keywords, advise on which terminologies to use, and how best to put your message across to the audience in the new target language.

This is ideal for your marketing needs if the product you’re trying to sell is new to the country or community you are going into. Note that poor translations and minor typos or grammatical blunders can significantly mar your chances of creating a good impression. Therefore, be sure to hire only translation companies that have a strong reputation in the business. Also, refrain from using local or bilingual staff members for this purpose. The truth is that they may not have adequate marketing experiences, let alone the ability to localize the content to suit the target audience.

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3. Translation services improve accessibility to your services and products

Have you imagined that there are a lot of people who cannot read your content, hear your podcasts, or even watch your videos? Yes, the world also has a considerable number of disabled people. These people are potential customers that need to be reached. Your brand can reach them, but unless your message or content is customized for them, connecting with them may be impossible.

For instance, the use of professional transcription services makes it easy for those hard of hearing to watch your videos online or on TV and grab the message just as well as people with proper hearing. The same goes for translating video ads into languages that local audiences can easily read and understand. This is more like killing two birds with one stone; while your primary audience consumes the main content, the local “not-so-educated” ones will use closed captions included in the video to grab the message. Alternatively, the audio can be completely translated into another language for better accessibility.

4.  You can increase your SEO using website translation

That obviously sounds interesting. Perhaps, you’re wondering how people who do not speak English, Spanish, or French can browse the internet to buy things. Recent research shows that an increasing amount of people surf the internet, searching for products and services in their languages. Now, that brings new and different dynamics to search engine optimization. In this case, you may not even need to be physically present in that location as a registered entity to reach more clients.

You can widen accessibility to your products and services by using web translation services. This means that you must be up to date on local SEO practices, local keywords, and what users are currently searching for. Remember that effective SEO practically involves valuable information and effective communication. This is what you achieve when you use web translation to optimize your web content. That way, you will not only be speaking in the language that your local audience can easily relate to, but you can also optimize your web presence to meet their needs.

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5. Translation services can help you improve your customer support services

In customer support, it is often not enough to speak a particular language. You should be able to understand and solve customer needs while speaking in that language. Achieving this takes your brand to the top spot in the minds of your customers. Customers’ loyalty often increases when they know that they can speak to the big brands in their native languages and resolve their issues.

On the other hand, if there is too much friction when customer support tries to resolve issues, it could lead to loss of clients, especially if the situation is not well managed. As a result, it makes sense to invest in professional translation services to help you improve the effectiveness of your customer support services. This also trickles down to brochures, magazines, newsletters, email blasts, legal documents, and so on. Unless these sensitive documents are correctly translated into languages that the customer or client can read and speak easily, there might be lots of friction in customer relationship management.

6. Improve relationships with your local partners

When international or global brands are trying to establish a presence in foreign territories, one of the major challenges they must overcome is the language barrier. For example, if a brand from Spain is trying to enter Equatorial Guinea in Africa, chances are they’ll have minimal restrictions and frictions in establishing a robust relationship in that country. This will be because of the language similarity.

Now, imagine a Portuguese multinational trying to achieve the same purpose. The company will need to find a way to speak to authorities and then to the market, which is their primary target. In this scenario, it would be best to hire local translation services that can communicate effectively in the company’s original language and the target language. Unless this barrier is first removed, marketing and selling will be hard, if not impossible.

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7. Translation services help in keeping employee morale high

For companies that have a significant number of employees whose first language is not English, Spanish, French, or any international language, translating work materials, such as handbooks, SOP manuals, legal documents, and other sensitive/important materials into their native or common languages can make them feel included. Remember that diversity and inclusivity partly form the bedrock of a very productive team.

As such, creating a highly motivated workforce is possible with effective translation services. Investing in translation services helps to boost employee motivation and keep their morale high. Local employees who can speak their languages at work and still be productive and feel welcome are most likely to contribute immensely to the growth of that organization.

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