Vocabulary Practice 16 :Spelling

Vocabulary Practice 16 :Spelling

Exercise 1: There are eleven words in this passage which are spelled incorrectly. Can you find and correct them?

Apart from condemming tobacco companies and rising the price of cigarettes, the goverment’s antismoking campain has failed to have any long-term affects, and the only people bennefitting from it are the Treasury Departement. Meanwhile, some doctors have said that they may refuse to treat persistant smokers. Of course, this hasn’t prevented the big tobbaco companys spending vast amounts of money on advertiseing.

Exercise 2: Instructions as above

It is argueable whether good pronounciation is more important than good grammer and vocabulery. Consientious students balance their aquisition of these skills, hopeing to acheive both fluency and accuracey. Teachers should encourage there students to practice all the relavant language skills.

Exercise 4 Here are some more words which students of English (and many native English speakers) often spell incorrectly. Can you identify and correct the mistake in each case? Be careful: 3 of the words are spelled correctly!

It is becomming increasingly difficcult for many people to find decent accomodations in Los Angeles at a price they can afford. To put it simpley, most people just don’t have the necesary funds. Organizeations such as Home Front can offer advise, but it is widely agreed that the situation is no longer managable. The fact that the LA city council is building cheap, tempory housing for lower-paid profesionals is the only official acknowlegment of this problem.