XQC Net Worth – 2024

Felix Lengyel is popularly known as xQc or XQCOW and is a famous internet personality. He is a Canadian streamer on the platform Twitch. Previously he was an expert player at Overwatch. In the Overwatch League, he played on the behalf of Dallas Fuel as a part of their inaugural season.

However, due to multiple controversies, it was not released. He also actively participated in the Overwatch World Cup series on behalf of Team Canada in the years 2017, 2018, and 2019

About XQC

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He was born on the 12th of November 1995. He is a popular gamer and streams on Twitch. He has been a part of many leagues and tournaments. He even has his own Youtube Channel where he posts highlights of his games and important parts of his live stream.

Early Life And Family

There is not much about his early life and family. However, we do know that he pursued humanities after finishing his schooling. Later he shifted to administration. But he dropped out after three and a half years. Unfortunately, he opted for otherwise just before completing his studies. However, he immediately started playing and gradually rose to fame.

His Career And Major Milestones

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Noteworthy mentions of his gaming career as a part of Overwatch were DazDit gaming, denial esports, arc 6, Dallas fuel, GOATS, Gladiator Legion, and more. he represented Canada and that makes him an international player. They played well until they were defeated by South Korea. However, he was the most important asset for the team during the game. He even signed a deal with Luminosity Gaming as a content creator

A Few Things That You Didn’t Know About XQC

Did you know that he streams for nine hours a day? He has around sixty thousand view counts daily and around thirty-five thousand subscribers. He is majorly popular on Twitcher.

He faced suspensions multiple times for offensive gaming chats and was banned for many games. It is reported that even his team members spoke against him because of his violent and offensive wordplay in the private chatbox.

Once he was suspended for showing nudity and pornographic scenes for an adult gaming show. With all of his suspensions, the thing most common is that he has received multiple warnings but does not pay attention to them.

However, during the Overwatch league games, he faced suspensions for making a homophobic statement against a gay player. This resulted in a huge controversy. Not only was he suspended but he had to pay a fine too. However, post this incident he apologized for making such a rash comment. He promised to turn it into something good later. But he did not speak regarding this matter later on.

Net Worth

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He has an estimated net worth of about three million. Most of his earnings are from his live streams and the multiple leagues that he has played. He is very popular and was ranked as one of the most viewed and followed personalities.