Brian Redban Net Worth – 2024

Redban, a guy with many talents, especially one in the field of comedy. He started his mind-blowing path in the world of videos at an early age and began as a video editor, he never completed any course to learn the same but he taught himself everything about editing videos.

Today he has earned a lot through his talents and is a successful actor, producer, and most importantly a very famous comedian.

But do you know about his family and early life? If not this article is perfect for you and if you do we have special information in the end

About Redban

His real and full name is Brian Reichle, he changed his name just for his performances he added Redban as his stage name. He was born on the 4th of August and is a Leo. His birthplace was Ohio. His parents are Gary and Mary and he also has a sibling, Erin. He and his sister were brought up together but later his parents got divorced and the siblings were separated as well.

Early Life And Family


Redban attended Worthington Kilbourne and obtained his graduation degree from the same. After that, he went to Columbus Community college and completed that degree too. During these years, he knew that he wanted to pursue more in the field of videography, editing, and media. His interests rose and he started to learn and explore various software and practiced video editing.

He is not very open about his family and their details; he likes to keep those aspects of his life more private. The only information available through several sources is that he told his fans about his girlfriend, Janice. He is still not married and he once said he is not planning to get married anytime soon either.

His Career And Major Milestones

His self-taught career was boosted when he was noticed by a very famous personality, Joe Rogan, and he gave him several opportunities to go higher in his career. His most famous work was the JRE podcast which started in 2009 and he successfully co-hosted the same till the year 2013.

After the ending of the show, he continued his career through stand-up comedy and by uploading videos. He also went on several tours performing live for his fans on stage.

He also began a podcast in collaboration with some other comedians called the DEATH SQUAD PODCAST NETWORK.

A Few Things You Didn’t Know About Redban

  • Many rumors about him being gay were spread between fans on all social media platforms. But he responded to them and informed them he is straight and it made him seriously angry about these rumors.
  • During his career, he even produced some movies which grew at a fast pace as well.

Net Worth

His exact net worth is not known but through various reliable sources, it is estimated to be around 1 million dollars. His major earnings were through the podcast JRE and he is regularly earning through live shows.