7 Reasons to Get ECDL Certified

ECDL, aka European Computer Driving License, is a practical IT training and certification course, which equips students with a wide array of indispensable digital skill sets. We are dwelling in a cutting-edge digital world, and it’s becoming more digitised day by day.

As the name suggests, the ECDL credential demonstrates that you are competent in operating a PC, likewise, a licensed vehicle. If you are an aspired entrepreneur, ECDL will be helpful for you! Indeed, you aren’t legally obliged to possess a computer driving license for operating a computer along with the car.

Although it’s imperative to be ECDL certified; so, without delay, let’s look at the top 7 reasons technophiles should consider getting an ECDL certification.

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  • It requires no previous computer experience

Becoming an ECDL certified associate doesn’t require any previous computer experience. As you are inclined to the notion of being a techie, and you don’t have any prior specialised certifications on IT, that won’t be a problem for ECDL!

All the study materials of the ECDL courses start at a highly elementary and fundamental level. You don’t have to search everywhere as you can find an ecdl course here. Computer savvy or a non-tech-savvy person can get a hold of diverse notions of critical principles, which are covered in the primary level.

Starting from there, the curriculum will gradually transform into more advanced topics after a few months. After spending a few months studying this course, you will likely improve digital proficiencies than 90% of all computer users when obtaining your ECDL certification.

  • ECDL is globally accredited

In the United Kingdom alone, top-notch companies, such as Sainsbury, NHS, and HSBC, precisely demand an ECDL certification. Therefore, being a globally accredited certification, the utilisation of ECDL is upheld by leading MNCs, such as Volkswagen, L’Oreal, and other conglomerate companies.

Various education establishments and government bodies alongside UNESCO and United Nations (UN) worldwide use its accreditation. Therefore, as mentioned earlier, the ECDL certificate has superior benefits concerning career.

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  • You will be more employable

It is calculated that approx 3 quarters of all Brits utilise a PC to do their daily tasks. Therefore, without a required proficiency in computer, it might disqualify you from getting several opportunities.

Such computer illiteracy can take you nowhere and you might be barred from getting into other fields along with IT-related jobs. Computer proficiencies are recognised in every service industry, from manufacturing and entry-level factory jobs to IT industries.

As stated earlier, NHS and HSBC all demand a valid ECDL certificate. That’s why ECDL certification will make you more employable to those MNCs, which you have always been dreaming of working! In other instances, being ECDL certified would benefit you more than the other candidates, even when the certificate is not mandatory.

  • Develop personal productivity and stave off the need for outsourcing

The majority of the benefits enlisted above have been in terms of the positive impression that you can make on others. Have you ever thought of what an ECDL certification can do for you? If not, you would be happier to know that you will be capable of optimising advanced automation macros and scripts with wizard-like software proficiencies.

Moreover, it will also allow you to zoom through spreadsheet build-up and organisation and perform numerous digital level strategies to ease personal productivity. Such development of personal productivity includes:

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  • Managing the company finances
  • Executing self-marketing responsibilities
  • Performing convoluted digital tasks, which you had to delegate to someone or outsource the task to conduct your business
  • Expand your wisdom

Human brains are like powerful muscles. The more you train it, the more effective it can become. You must haven’t been sitting on a school bench for years, did you? Obtaining your ECDL could be an extraordinary way to get those agile days back on track.

After enrolling in an ECDL course, you will have a comparatively lesser burden and get a chance to trigger your previous knowledge.

Moreover, you will be thrown into some unacquainted situations and have to combat new learning barriers. Some people who have gone through the ECDL find a greater interest in education again. Also, they are better capable of adapting fresh skill sets and enhance their minds.

  • You will get more computing confidence

Computers are part and parcel of our daily lives, and without a piece of proper computer knowledge, we can’t work anywhere. The massive usage of computers can be observed at shopping, retails, banking, booking holidays, and so on.

We utilise them to maintain spreadsheets, make presentations, and set up video conferences at our workplaces. Do you want to get an ECDL certification for professional reasons?

Whether your need is to get one for professional purposes or others, it will exude into other areas of life when you need to get your work done with computers. So, ECDL certification will give you more confidence while operating computers.

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  • You can study remotely

One of the significant reasons for opting ECDL course over other premium educational courses is you can effectively complete all the substantial coursework online without a need for relocation. The ECDL programs and course structures are entirely virtual. Therefore, you can simply log in and do your work from any part of the world without hassles if you have a stable internet connection.

It creates a preferable degree of immense flexibility to continue your current job alongside studying for ECDL uninterruptedly. Additionally, various IT jobs are remotely working in the present scenario. Hence, your incredible technical proficiencies will open up the scope of working from home along with earning a lucrative and stable income. So, ECDL certification will provide you with complete freedom to work and study as per your choice.


To wrap up, obtaining your ECDL accreditation could be a distinctive way to optimise your career prospects and broaden your knowledge. It is immensely recommended to indulge yourself in an ECDL course to hone your career path and avail yourself of all the exceptional opportunities associated with it. So, it’s worth pursuing!