7 Tips on How to Design Your Own Wedding Shoes – 2024 Guide

On a day that you will remember for the rest of your life, everything has to be perfect, from the whole organization to the outfit that you will wear, everything should be up to your taste. To get your outfit fully made up to your preferences, you should start planning everything with time so you don’t have to stress and have things done at the last moment.

When it comes to having your outfit done, starting from your head then down, you should make everything personally designed so you can remember this day as your day. It is understandable that the dresses are done additionally to have them fit perfectly, and for a chance to add something else on them. However, most women tend to forget about their shoes. That is the last piece that they purchase and the problems shop up then because they sometimes can’t find the perfect shape or the color is not the desired one.

Having your wedding shoes designed by yourself will make you more confident, and there will be no mistakes because the people making them will listen to every requirement that you have and they will make a product that you will be proud of.

1. Decide on the shape

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Many different shapes are already popular for this purpose. However, the last word is yours. Before anything else, you should think about how you imagine your whole fit to look. After that, choose what is the type of shoe that will suit you best, both aesthetically, and comfortably. A bad decision that you can make is to choose a different type because you saw someone else do it that way.

You have to try a certain pair to know that you will be able to wear them for a longer period. For example, you can choose a shape that you already have at home and that you are comfortable walking with that. However, you can go to a store and try out a different shape so you can see if there is a difference.

2. Consider the height

This is highly dependent on your previous experience with this type of footwear. If you wore higher heels in the past, you should consider this as an option. However, if you had never worn a pair like that before, or you had just a little bit you should either do some training before the day comes, or you should think about getting a lower heel option.

3. Choose a color that will match you

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If you have planned what you will wear on that day, especially the color that will be on you, you can plan the color of the shoes as well. Make sure that you know what are you doing because there are certain options that you cannot mix. If you are wearing white, you should get the perfect tone. In case you are wearing a fit in a different color, you can get something complimentary, or you can have a completely different color.

You will need to match that properly because some people will notice. If you have trouble with the colors, you can ask the people who work at the place where you will be getting your shoes from, they will help you with that so you can have your peace.

Of course, picking and matching colors is never easy, especially for this kind of project. So, if you really cannot seem to make the right decision, it might be best to just go with designer wedding shoes from a reliable brand.

4. Consider the materials as well

It is not the point to get them just so you can have that one night and that is it. You should be able to enjoy it. If you are having problems walking because of them, imagine dancing? You should be really careful with choosing the materials that they will be made from. The place where you will be getting them from will give you suggestions, so you should listen to them. There is no point in cheap out in a situation like this one. Get the best ones and have no worries. If you get them without anything particular on them, you can wear them longer for certain occasions.

5. Think about a bow

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This is an interesting accent that you can give to footwear. You don’t have to place them in on the center like most of them, you can place them anywhere that you like since they are made specifically for you. However, mostly they place it on the center part of the shoe so it gives symmetry to it. Another thing that you can do is to change the color to this accent so you can have something that differs in the whole fit.

6. Add a special emblem

Some of the people who are getting their shoes designed by themselves, like to throw a special emblem on them, so they show off that they did it by themselves. There is a new trend where some people tend to design their wedding footwear with street art techniques. For example, the background is white, and they add letters and words with different colors, some characters to it as well. They look more colorful that way, and they seem to like this design more than the basic one.

7. Apply a message to them

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Besides the street art techniques, some of the people that go for their own designed wedding shoes are applying messages on them. These messages are something important for these people, or they are just trying to make their moment more personal with that. Anyways, this is a great way to have a different thing implemented into their day. Having them in their home, they will have good memories when they look at them.


Having your wedding shoes designed by yourself is a thing that you should do to expand your creativity especially on a day like this one. When doing that, you should make sure that you have your priorities right. Firstly, make sure that they are comfortable for you to wear for a longer period, and that they look good with the rest of the fit. After that, you can personalize them with things that you like most. Whether you plan on adding colorful words or writing a whole message it is up to you, they will definitely bring good memories when you look at them after some time and that is what is most important.