5 Tips and Tricks for Growing Your Social Media Organically

Gathering an audience is never easy, no matter what kind and what aspect we are talking about, especially in these modern times. What makes it even harder is that no matter how cool, informative, creative, or interesting the topic, it would all be for nothing if there isn’t a good marketing strategy behind it. Have you ever wondered how some influencers became so popular and have millions of views regularly even though the topics they cover are ridiculous? Well, the answer is simple, as they did their homework and target their audience.

Social networks really changed the game, and today have a great influence on our lives, probably much greater than we would like to believe. Nonetheless, in order to grow your social media, you probably encountered certain obstacles. Then, the next move was trying to find the answer online, and this is where everything got even more confusing. Namely, there are thousands of articles on this topic, but what you need to understand is that everyone has different interests, meaning that in order to succeed and grow your social media, you first need to make a detailed plan on what are the goals and what you want to achieve. Of course, this is only the beginning, as there are more things that, even though they may take some time, are crucial for organically growing your social media, so let’s check the top five tips and tricks on how to spice things up.

The advantage of hashtags

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We are all familiar with hashtags, as they are with us for some time now, but many people are still not aware of how important they are and, more importantly, how to use them properly. The main idea of hashtags is to use them to explain our posts and attract people with similar interests to see them, and if they like what they see, they will probably become our new followers. For example, if we want to post a photo of a sunflower on social media, we can use different hashtags to describe it. These hashtags can be simply “sunflower” but also “nature,” “flower,” and many similar ones that can be linked to the photo.

Okay, we understand it now, but how will it attract new followers? Well, social media uses complex algorithms that show content to a person based on their previous searches. That means that if someone often searches for flowers or nature, there is a huge chance that they will see our photo. Besides that, hashtags make our search easier because we can simply type the name of the hashtag and enjoy all related posts. The concept itself may seem easy, but what definitely makes our life much more difficult is the fact that they are constantly changing algorithms, meaning that growing our social media gets more challenging.

Go live

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Our followers love to know what is happening, and one of the best things to make them feel involved is going live during some event. You can go live whenever you want, but it is crucial to find some interesting content to present to the follower, or they will leave the live video and maybe unfollow you after some time. It basically means is that if someone is not good at telling jokes, they should avoid doing so during live videos because it can be counterproductive.

Instead of that, they should go live while at some concert or doing something interesting enough to share with people. Ask them to join you in the live video, and turn on live chat because it is one of the best ways to communicate with them in real-time and give them a chance to say their critics and praise. It is also important to find the perfect time to go live because if it is too late or too early, people may not have enough time to watch.

Present engaging content and gather data

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This is the most fundamental thing, as engaging content is the most evident and obvious reason why people will start following your social media. So, in order to attract as many views and followers as possible, always try to present high-quality videos and photos. Furthermore, to know where you stand, what you are doing wrong, and how to improve those things, gather and manage data, as it is of utmost importance to know the type of audience at every moment. That’s where various analytic tools can help you, as they will exactly show what you are doing good and where there is room for improvement.


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There are too many ways to promote our accounts, and if we want to increase the number of followers, it is important to choose at least one of them to make our profile seen. We can advertise via emails, add a link to our business profile on our private one, put it on the website, or make business cards.

The options are numerous, and the more creative we are, the more possible followers we can attract. If you are a website owner, you can easily put social media button on it, so the visitors can easily like and follow it or check what you offer. We can easily connect our profiles on different social media, and we can advertise them at the same time, which is a great thing. Besides that, we can use, for example, our Instagram account to promote the Facebook page by creating stories, posts, and sharing links.

Consult the experts

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There are always more things one can do to grow their social media, even when it seems like there isn’t anything left to do. One of those things is to consult the experts, as they will offer advice and guidance on how to grow your social media organically, along with a detailed insight into your followers, how to attract new and keep those you already have. Growing social media doesn’t have to be stressful and time-consuming, as the only thing needed is to find a trustworthy company like instant-famous.com that will help you with that.