PAT Testing: How To Choose The Right Service Provider

The discovery of electricity is possibly one of the best things that has happened to mankind ever since that of the fire. It is now moderated and tamed according to the usage and consumption, and serves as the basis of almost all devices and gadgets all around the world. However, if not treated, it can lead to large-scale destruction and cause harm to everyone around it. Faulty appliances and loose wires are the leading cause of house fires and other mishaps all around the world. All this can be easily avoided if one is careful about their appliances, and checks them regularly.

Whilst conducting a check, the PAT test is the first thing that comes to the minds of many, if not all. As the name suggests (portable appliance test), PAT is a convenient method of testing all the portable and handheld devices and appliances. It is quite common in the UK, and there are many firms and companies which offer this service. You can find one of the best PAT testing companies here. These are the professional people who are willing to do the work for you on your behalf.

Getting a PAT test is quite easy, but finding the right people to do it can become a tedious task if one is not careful enough. The following article would discuss some important points that you must remember whilst getting a PAT test, as these would help you to choose the best service provider for the same:

1. Prioritize And Budget


One of the very first steps before doing anything or getting things done is to prioritize and set a budget for the same. This is also applicable in this condition. Before you are getting the test, make sure that you know what all devices you want to get checked and then proceed to calculate the budget.

Many firms, usually, charge on the basis of the number of visits they make. This is better, as you can get more things checked in a single go. However, there are a few service providers who charge per item. So, make sure which kind of company you are going for, and how much are you willing to spend. By this, you would not only be saving a good fortune, but this would also take less time, and get done easily.

2. What About Recordings?

If you are in a professional industry, such as the IT sector, then there is a high chance that you might want to get the test recorded, with ample proof of genuinity for the test. These recordings can be done either by hand, using the traditional pen and paper method. Or you can adapt to the changing world, and get a digital recording for everything. This would make it easier for the auditors during time of company audits.

Moreover, if you are in any other heavy industry, then this would become more important and come in handy during any mishap. All these recordings would help build credibility and trust of your company, and thereby increase its reputation on the market. Therefore, making sure with the service provider beforehand about their policies of recordings and preservation of data is a good idea, since this is not a regular service, and hence, is not usually provided by everyone.

3. Identify Your Sector


With the wide variety of sectors all around the working industry, differentiating the test for every single one of them can become a hectic task for everyone. Therefore, it becomes quite important for everyone to make sure that what kind of industry they are working for, and thereby, decide what all tests they would like to conduct. For instance, in heavy load factories, which make use of heavy machinery and other equipment, the PAT test would not be sufficient alone. They require various other tests, such as the electricity leakage and phase running test. All these when done simultaneously, help to generate a well-detailed and elaborate report for all the appliances and equipment of the company, thus reducing the chances of any errors and mishaps to negligible.

In the IT sector, on the other hand, it is important to make sure that all the screens and other handheld equipment are working in mint condition. These do not require the heavy tests, and usually just the 3 step PAT test does the work. Therefore, it becomes quite important to choose the companies accordingly, as not all of them are trained to provide services in every sector of the working world.

4. Consider The Number Of Tests As Well


Usually, the PAT is done once in a couple of years for every small handheld device, such as a toaster or an espresso machine. However, these tests are done in a sequential manner, and usually involve three steps. First is the basic visual inspection, which can be done by anyone. Make sure that you have removed all the wirings from the main supply before testing anything. You should be looking for any signs of damage or stress, particularly for any loose wires or open circuits. The next two steps are done and processed by the professional technicians that you would be hiring.

If you think that you have a lot of appliances in your workplace, or place of residence, then you can invest in portable testers and conduct the manual tests yourself. His way, you would get to know what appliances actually need a technician’s time and visit. There are many testers available in the market, in a wide range for different usage and purposes. You can check them out and make a decision accordingly.


Getting a PAT test for all your appliances, whether new or old, is very important. This would ensure the safety of everyone who handles them, and make sure that the place is free from any sort of electrical accidents. All this would cost some fortune, but it is really important that you find some decent company to do the job. Selecting a cheaper firm could also result in low-quality work, leading to a disastrous ending.