How to Get into Raiding in WoW Shadowland?

Creating a new character in World of Warcraft is always an exciting time, no matter how many you’ve created before. Just think about that, you are about to breathe a new life into the character and make it unique. For some people, this procedure can get rather scary.

When we say this, we mean it positively. Just think about all the possibilities that stand in front of you. It can be overwhelming sometimes. Not to mention that you always need to have in mind that your choices will determine the future role and capabilities of your character.

It isn’t always easy to predict all the situations and challenges placed in front of you. One of these challenges is being a part of the raiding group. Now, we would like to talk about how you can get into one of these groups, and how to be your best at raids.

Let’s check some of the most important points:

1.Preparing Your Character


Before you can be a part of the group that goes on raids, make sure that your character’s level is high. While there isn’t an exact level when you can start participating in these, since there are numerous raids out there, we can all agree on the fact that your character needs to be powerful.

When we say this, we mean that it should be of high level and that it requires a wide array of different capabilities. So, make sure that you select your class carefully, with having in mind what you want to do later in the game. We are talking about something that can be quite challenging for beginners.

On the other side, we do not believe that experienced players will have any problems with making these choices. Besides these elements, you must have the best possible gear on your character. Furthermore, depending on the character’s class and capabilities, you should have a wide array of different items that can be useful in the long run.

We’re talking about mana and health potions that can mean life or death for any character. Meaning, losing health too much without drinking health potions surely leads to respawning. At the same time, mana potions help the mages to get enough mana to protect their affiliates in battle, both with healing or preventing enemies to inflict a blow.

Even if you do all of this, and you’re still not prepared to provide an upper hand in these battles, it is always possible to find a shortcut. We’re talking about purchasing boosts, which can mean the difference in crucial situations. If you want to check out one of these, find WoW Boost.

2.How to Find a Raid?


After your character is strong enough to face countless waves of enemies and bosses on a raid, the next logical step is to find a raid. Finding a raid is rather easy. It means that you should become a part of the guild before you can go on a raid.

A guild is a group that consists of fifteen or twenty other characters, controlled by other players. Each of these is perfectly balanced to meet all the needs. For instance, each one of these groups should consist of characters that have different capabilities and are of a different class.

Every group needs a certain number of tanks. For those who do not know what tanks are, these are heroes that focus solely on strength. They both have high damage, a lot of health, and high armor. So, they have the task of fighting enemies directly.

Other characters serve as a support, more or less. DPS heroes are those who inflict more damage than tanks, but they do not have as much health. They are not directly involved in the fight at all times, but they can be a game-changer when needed.

Last but not least, every group needs a couple of mages, who can both heal its allies, and cast spells on enemies. It can damage, stun, or dispel them. Each of these segments is essential to have a proper result at the end of the raid. Without the proper balance, groups cannot hope for a positive result.

3.Levels of Difficulty


When you enter the guild, the final step is to have a complete understanding of levels of difficulties. As you can presume, not all raids are created equally. Meaning, you cannot expect all of them to be the same when it comes to how challenging they will be.

The most obvious thing to say about this aspect is to say that all of them have completely different, unique bosses that players will come across. Sometimes, the last boss will be the strongest one, but this is not always going to be the case.

For example, in some of these raids, the boss fight before the last one can be much more challenging. So, it can serve as some sort of unpleasant surprise for the team right? But, when we’re talking about actual levels of difficulty, it needs to be said that there are four of them, normal, heroic, mythic, and mythic+.

Even though all of them will look similar to you, the difference between the strength of enemies will be rather obvious. Sometimes, they will be much more numerous than you thought they would be, and sometimes, there will be far less than you have expected, but they will be much stronger.

So, there are no general rules that can help you understand what lies in front of you. You will just need to enroll in these and find out for yourself. Remember, pay attention to the level of difficulty. Each of them will require the character to be of a certain strength, and this is not always easy to determine.

To Sum It Up

World of Warcraft universe is like no other. No matter how experienced are you with this game, there is always something that will surprise you. In this article of ours, you can take a look at all the most important aspects of raids. From preparing for them, getting into them, and what you can expect.