5 Tips on How to Maximize your WoW Leveling Efficiency – 2024 Guide

World of Warcraft is popular for its slow leveling process and difficult combat encounters. We’ve seen several videos of players summoning multiple monsters and then embarking on a ten-minute walk to resurrect. It can be difficult to strike a balance between leveling quickly and surviving.

In most situations, players will enter a new zone, collect all of the tasks, and finish them. However, the players are frequently underleveled, and the quests are colored yellow or red for them. As a result of the level disparity, the mobs will have a broader aggro radius and will punch considerably harder, increasing the risk.

We’ll go over several WoW tips and methods in this guide, which should help you get to level 60 and handle the majority of the game’s leveling content.

1. Develop A Sense Of Leveling

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You’ll need to develop a distinct leveling philosophy if you want to enhance your WoW leveling efficiency. You just cannot afford to squander time going around in circles and accomplishing nothing. You want to see that exp meter moving and pushing you to the next level.

For a variety of reasons, this is critical. The fact that new levels unlock new abilities is the primary reason. You’ll get a few new skills every two levels or so. These can be main damage skills, such as Frostbolt for mages, or situational skills that can come in help later.

The goal is to keep the experience going as much as possible. So keep tagging monsters on your travels around the planet. They don’t have to be related to the task you’re currently working on; simply do them. You’ll get an additional bar or two of experience by the time you arrive at your destination. In the long run, everything adds up.

Also, pick up any ore or herbs you come across along the road. If you’re hurrying to 60, it may seem like a waste of time, but it will save you headaches in the future. Keep your gathering professions at a high level.

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2. While You’re Resting, You Can Earn EXP

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Your character is resting at a hostel or town while you log out, which you may or may not be aware of. However, when you rejoin, you’ll get a bonus XP. This isn’t going to help you get to level 60 in a few days if you’re speedrunning. However, it’s still useful to know. If you have a group of characters on your account, though, make sure to apply this approach all of the time.

3. Kill Anything You Come Across

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Grinding is a concept that has passed the test of time. Grinding EXP versus mobs has since been supplanted by near-endless questing or dungeon farms unless it’s a Korean free-to-play MMO. In World of Warcraft, bridging the level gap between two zones is almost a need. By complementing quests with monster kills, you can gain a good start on this. As you progress from one objective to the next, all you have to do is kill every creature you come across. It may not appear to be much when it first arrives, but that extra EXP will quickly add up.

4. Make a Gold Budget

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Making money was one of the most difficult challenges in the early days of World of Warcraft. At certain levels, the game was meant to wipe out your in-game wallet. New skill ranks would deplete your money account, flight prices would rise, and earning your first mount would put you out of business. With World of Warcraft Classic, all of that is back, and knowing how to earn and budget your gold may go a long way.

You don’t have to spend your money on every new rank of spell or ability you come across, despite how it may appear at first. These may be rather costly, and deferring the purchase of a mount in exchange for a theoretical 1% damage boost somewhere in your rotation will almost certainly end up costing you more time than the mount would have saved you. Simply search up the best rotations and see if that beefed-up Thunderclap will make a significant difference.

5. Get Some First Aid


Almost every monster in World of Warcraft can drop fabric, such as linen. These can be easily transformed into useful triage items such as bandages. Bandages are a low-cost, high-effective healing item that can drastically shorten the amount of time spent between bouts. They aren’t as efficient as sitting down for a short dinner, but they are less expensive. They’re also quick, allowing you to cut down on the time between pulls or even finish an injury after shocking your opponent. It’s an essential tool for classes with low self-sustainability, such as Warrior. Every big city has a first-aid trainer, and it doesn’t count against your two-profession restriction.


While most players’ primary goal is to reach level 60, the trip to that point is undoubtedly the most enjoyable part of the game. Make sure you’re having fun while leveling, no matter whatever approach you choose. Don’t risk burning out and quitting too soon because you’ll miss out on a lot of pleasure later on. Maintain a consistent pace, but don’t be afraid to take a day or two off if you feel like you need it. You’ll have a good chunk of rested experience waiting for you when you return, and you’ll be able to swiftly catch up.

Maintain a steady pace on your way to 60, but don’t forget to stop and smell the roses every now and then. If things become too much to handle, log out, prepare some meal, and watch your favorite WoW streamer’s level instead. It has the ability to revitalize you and provide you with the much-needed respite.

Finally, don’t put the social side of WoW on the back burner in the name of leveling efficiency. After all, this is an MMORPG, and meeting new people and making friends is a large part of the fun.