10 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Old Mattress

When we buy any mattress, it comes with a lifespan of a minimum of 10 years. It can expand depending on the brand, usage, and material. But some people prefer sleeping on the same ones because the mattresses are relatively expensive. If you do not want to compromise sleep, it is better to check whether you need a new mattress or not. Many times, our backaches and we find difficulty while sleeping. It is because you need a replacement for your old mattress.

When you think that you are unable to sleep as you should, it is better to buy a new one. Visit cocafish.com to get a guide to buying a new mattress of the desired shape, material, and quality. Getting sound sleep is what we all need because it keeps us healthy and happy. You should know when you must invest your money in a new bed. In the following write-up, we will discuss various signs when you should replace the old mattress.

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Lumpiness or Asymmetry in Your Mattress

You can see visible signs of damage in your mattresses like asymmetry or lumpiness. Observe the sagging of corners or in the middle. When you put your elbow or knee on any area, your body part may dig into it. There are chances of big and small lumps. You may not feel comfortable when you sleep on it. Due to imbalance, you may feel your body is aching every time you sleep.


Have you ever noticed weird sounds from your mattress? It can be creaking, popping, or groaning. Whenever you turn your body or leave the bed, you can hear such sounds. It can disturb your sleep, and you may not feel much fresh. These noises can happen when there are loose springs in your bed. You must understand that you need a new mattress whenever you get such an issue.

Frayed Edges

Undoubtedly, frayed edges will not affect your sleep or ache your body. But worn corners look bad, and it means that you need to replace them. Generally, the lifespan is at least ten years, which means that it should remain the same in the given period. If the edges get frayed, understand this sign of replacement and invest your money in buying a new one.

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Your Body is Aching

If you do not have any issues, like muscle soreness or injury, and your body is aching, the problem is with your mattress. In the case of a new bed, you will feel fresh and comfortable after you wake up from your sleep. But if you get a stiff neck, sore back, or joint pain, then you must consider buying a new mattress. You have to spend your money on buying a new cushion for better and painless sleep.

Watery or Stuffy Eyes

When you wake in the morning, check your eyes if it is watery or stuffed. It is a symptom of allergy, and it can happen due to old mattresses. With time, many allergens and dust mites accumulate and affect your health. If you have any allergies, then it may get worse. Therefore, you have to keep such mattresses away from your home.

Wake Up in the Night

When you are sleepy but unable to sleep on your bed is because you need to change your mattress. Sometimes, you often wake up in the night. In this way, your sleep gets disturbed, and you do not feel fresh throughout the day. Many other conditions can let you wake up, like anxiety, depression, stress, insomnia, etc. But if you do not have any of these problems, then you should blame your mattress.

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Change in the Firmness

You must compare the firmness of your current mattress with the one when you buy it as a new one. If you observe that it is getting more hard or soft, you need to replace the old one. With time, it gets sensitive to temperature, and hence, it affects the firmness. The warmness of the room makes such changes to your bed.

Facing Issues If You are Pregnant

All the pregnant ladies struggle to get sound sleep, and it is impossible if you have a worn-out mattress. A woman can experience pain in different body parts like the back, abdomen, legs, etc. They must be comfortable every time. You can avoid severe complications only when you have a good mattress for better sleep. You can take care of your health by getting a new bed.

Old Mattress

It is easy to calculate the number of years when you buy your mattress. If its age is between 7 to 10 years, then you need to replace it. In many cases, your cushion will not last as promised. If you see a warranty period of more than ten years, it can be very shocking to you. Make sure that you discontinue using the old mattress. Check the overall comfort level of your old mattress and ensure that you are sleeping well on it.

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Feel Tired All the Time

When you do not sleep during the night, you may feel tired all day. It is easy to rest on a comfortable mattress. When you sleep on a damaged mattress, you will not get enough sleep. It will make you tired and sick. It is better to switch to another bed.

The Bottom Line

Consider all the mentioned signs to determine whether you need to replace your old mattress. Everyone wants to have a sound sleep to make their day happy. You must invest your money in a good mattress with at least ten years of warranty.

These signs can help you know the reasons why you are not getting adequate sleep. When you know the right time of replacement, you will never compromise with your sleep. Therefore, consider all the signs mentioned above and get ready to invest your money in purchasing a new mattress again for better sleep.