4 Things You Need to Know Before Playing New World

In case you are a fan of the game New World, you are probably looking forward to Amazon’s New World MMO, which will soon see the light of day. Earlier this month, you had the opportunity to jump in and enjoy the open beta, which was a preview of everything that follows. However, if you have skipped trying out this version there is no reason to worry, as we have decided to make a short guide for you. There are a few important things to consider before you start playing this game.

Thanks to players who have already gone through the experience of the New World, we can now use their tips and tricks to overcome some of the obstacles more easily and quickly. Here are a few things you want to consider before you finally put your hands on the New World.

  1. Don’t go crazy with the equipment

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In order to increase your chances of survival, you may think that it is a very good idea to grab all the possible equipment available to you. However, there is a catch here: the total weight of your equipment can be a serious limiting factor. Why? Because excess equipment slows you down and adversely affects how easily you avoid attacks and overcome obstacles. You don’t want to make the game harder for yourself and lose just because you’re moving around with overweight bags.

The most important factor here is your tactic and what you really want to achieve with your game. If your goal is to have a strong defense, and it is not as crucial how fast you move, then excess equipment will not be such a problem. However, in case it is vital for you to be agile and easily avoid the danger that is coming your way, we advise you to skip the accumulation of equipment.

Note: You can find storage areas for your equipment in different settlements, so we suggest you use this option. It will make it easier for you to move around, which can be the key factor for the success of your game.

  1. Start with the craft right away

Although craftsmanship at beginner levels is not so crucial, as it cannot provide you with significantly more powerful equipment, it does not mean that you should neglect it. Moreover, we suggest that you throw yourself into the craft straight away so that you can start reaping the fruits of your labor as soon as possible. The bullets and arrows that you will make will certainly serve their purpose because these parts are necessary in order to use different weapons. It is also possible that you will get some weapons and equipment earlier if you start your craft activities immediately.

Another option offered by New World is to sell items you have made. The important thing to consider if you’re planning to throw yourself into the selling area is how much your items are worth on the market. Examine the situation in time and gain insight into the most sought-after weapons, to know where you can earn the most gold.

If at the beginning of playing New World you are not sure about your skills and abilities, or you need advice on how to overcome certain obstacles in the game, we suggest that you consider seeking help. Today you can find various services where a professional player (booster) helps you achieve certain goals, weapons, gear, etc. In case you are interested in such services and want to know more, visit here.

  1. Immediately throw yourself into testing the weapon

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New World offers you a total of 10 different types of weapons, and we suggest you immediately throw yourself into trying out each of them. The offer includes Spear, the Sword, Great Ax, Rapier, Hatchet, War Hammer, Musket, Fire Staff, Ice Gauntlet, and Bow. Slowly start trying out each of these types of weapons so you can decide as soon as possible which style of play suits you best.

Why is this a good idea?

The sooner you figure out with which weapon you achieve the most effective game and have the best fighting style, the sooner you will be able to start upgrading. You will eliminate the limiting factors that occur when using a weapon that does not suit you. And best of all: in the blink of an eye you will unlock the various benefits associated with this fighting style and be able to enjoy the benefits it will provide you.

  1. Stay in the starting area as long as necessary

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Before you go to the higher levels of the game, you will have the opportunity to try your hand at the lower levels of the New World, at various starting locations (Monarch’s Bluffs, Everfall, Windward, or Firstlight). This is a great thing because you have a unique opportunity to get acquainted with all the features of the game and gain certain skills that you will need at higher levels. You will get a sense of struggle and gain insight into the possibility of upgrading the attributes of your character. You will also have the opportunity to gather certain resources that will be helpful to you when you start with the ‘real’ game.

While you probably can’t wait to venture to higher levels and tackle all the challenges, we advise you not to hurry. Stay in the starting area as long as necessary, until you feel that you are completely ready to play and that you really have a chance. Otherwise, you will not have enough knowledge and end up disappointed in your game every single time.


All New World fans will soon have the opportunity to try out Amazon’s New World MMO. If you haven’t tested the open beta and gained insight into what awaits you, don’t worry. With these few tips we’ve shared with you, you’ll have at least a rough idea of what you can expect when you step into the new New World. Do not rush to start the real game, but stay in the starting area as long as necessary. Throw yourself into the craft and try out weapons straight away, in order to unlock various privileges as soon as possible and increase your chances of winning.