What Are Mythic+ Dungeons in World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is an online video game, filled with a vast gaming universe and tons of characters. The game was released over seventeen years ago under the MMORPG category. MMORPG stands for a massively multiplayer online role-playing game, and the game was an instant hit. The fanbase of the game is quite strong, with millions of players joining every day from all over the world.

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The game, World of Warcraft, has had many additions to the original version, termed ‘expansions’. To date, there have been 11 expansions, with The Burning Crusade, released in 2024, being the latest addition to the game franchise. The seventh expansion, WoW: Legions, 2016, introduced the concept of Mythic+ and Mythic+ Dungeons to its fans.

Given below is a detailed analysis of what exactly are Mythic Plus Dungeons and how players and gamers can ace them in no time:

The concept of Mythic plus

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The 7th expansion of the WoW series, Legions, was released in 2016. It unfolded a different dimension within the gaming universe, the Mythic Plus zones and Dungeons. Dungeons have been a signature location in almost all expansions of WoW, and are notorious for their bosses and owners.

These are vivacious creatures, which the players are supposed to take down in order to complete a mission or level. The Mythic Plus Dungeons of WoW: Legions and all later expansions are the same locations, with a much higher level of difficulty. These Dungeons are the homes of some of the most ferocious beasts in the WoW franchise, which the players can tame and use at their will for transportation and locomotion.

Mythic Plus Dungeons have a much higher difficulty level. The bosses are equipped with a much higher tolerance of taking damage impact and usually are the most difficult to fight off. It requires a team of players to take these villains down, and usually, the players are teamed up in groups of five.

The Mythic Plus Dungeons

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Mythic Plus dungeons are usually the same dungeons with the same bosses and villains but set with much higher difficulty levels. These dungeons can be accessed only if one of the five players from a particular team has a Mythic Plus Keystone. A Mythic+ Keystone is a reward stone, awarded to players every time they complete a dungeon in Mythic or Heroic mode. These modes are also based on difficulty levels.

After the required tasks in a dungeon, the players are awarded a keystone, which acts as the key to the Mythic Plus zones. However, the players need to be quick with the actions and movements, as these keystones are usually time-bound and degrade after a particular time period.

Once downgraded, these keys are no longer used and the players need to discard them off. It may be noted that every player can possess only one keystone in a week, and these keystones are awarded only once a week. So, if you possess one keystone right at this moment, then you should go and open some Mythic Plus dungeons.

Mobs of the Dungeons

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These are the ferocious and notorious beasts of the dungeons, which need to be killed off in order to complete a particular task or a dungeon. These mobs are highly powerful in the Mythic Plus mode and impart a lot of damage to the players’ avatars and characters. A few of the dungeons in the WoW franchise have as many as 20 bosses, with around a hundred mobs guarding them.

They can be usually spotted in some of the longest dungeons in the Mythic Plus mode, such as the Tazavesh or the Veiled Market Dungeon in the Shadowlands expansion of the franchise. The players can ask their friends to team-up, or be teamed up with random strangers off of the internet by the servers of the game. These dungeons are not something that one could conquer easily or on their own. Teamwork becomes an essential and important aspect in Mythic+ Dungeons.

A few tips and tricks:

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Players need to be aware of the ticking clock, as most of these dungeons in the Mythic Plus mode are time-bound. The players have a limited time to complete the dungeon and get out of the same, without getting killed.

Players are also advised to focus on the tasks they are allotted once they are inside a dungeon. The players are allotted different tasks, based on their class selections. Some are attackers, who take out the villains and their brethren. Others are healers who heal the injured players. Therefore, it becomes quite important to concentrate on the assigned work.
It is also advised to players that they should memorize the routes and entrance gates to the dungeons. By doing so, they would be able to save the precious time they have and complete their tasks earlier.


Mythic Plus Dungeons have the ability to keep the players and gamers gripped for days. The advanced combat moves, along with stellar visuals and hard levels make them a one-of-a-kind location in the gaming universe. Dungeon running is all about experiences. If you remember your way in, put and around the dungeons without taking much damage on your avatar, then it can be a great experience.

No matter how surreal and deep the dungeons get, players are still advised to keep their playing hours to the minimum. Additionally, WoW is PG-rated and is not suitable for players under the age of 10. Parental guidance and discretion are needed.