Best and Worst Places To Level In World of Warcraft

Leveling in World of Warcraft is the most crucial thing to consider. However, many beginners feel that it is not that important. In reality, no player can proceed with the game if they don’t try to level up. It will be impossible for you to go further and clear the stages. That is why leveling is highly crucial.

You might already know that World of Warcraft has many zones in which players participate. These zones differ from each other in many ways. As for leveling, you will see that some zones are suitable while others are not. So, you must research well before going further. Sometimes, players mistake not finding the zones that are either hard or best for leveling. You should not skip this part of researching if you want good results.

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Power leveling is something that is not possible in some zones. Even professional gamers suggest others not to try leveling up in challenging places. Let’s discuss the worst and best zones in World of Warcraft without wasting further time.

What are the best and worst zones for leveling up in World of Warcraft?

If you want to achieve good results in the game, you should know which zones are the worst and best for leveling up. We have prepared a list of those places.

Worst zones for leveling up:

  • The Barrens:


As the name suggests, you can quickly identify the kind of place it will be. This zone is mainly known for the barren lands everywhere. But every path you choose will be different in some ways. No matter how interesting it seems, you won’t level up here. It is one of the worst zones you can choose to level up in the game.

Players who have tried The Barrens have failed at leveling up their character. If you don’t want a similar situation to happen to you, you must choose another zone for it. Otherwise, you will waste a lot of your time and effort here.

  • Hillsbrad Foothills:


It is one of the zones where you will feel pretty diverted when leveling up. So, you should not even try the same. Instead, you can pick another suitable zone where there are fewer distractions.

In Hillsbrad Foothills, you will get everything you need to have as a beginner. For instance, you will get many chances to enhance your overall gaming skills with those quests. You can participate in them if you want to, but don’t think about leveling up in the process.

  • Stranglethorn Vale:


Another worst zone where you should not think of leveling up is Stranglethorn Vale. One thing you should remember about this zone is that only professional players can clear this zone. As for leveling, it is nearly impossible to begin while you are at Stranglethorn Vale.

If you are a professional gamer of WoW, you can try boosting your character in Stranglethorn Vale. But the chances are that you might fail. It is crucial to gain knowledge about this zone before proceeding. If you know most of the things, there is a slight chance that you will level up. It solely depends on you.

  • Desolace:


Desolace is the best zone for players interested in clearing an exciting place full of barren lands. You will see that the entire zone’s concept is to find the right paths to go through the same. If we talk about leveling up in this zone, it will be a bit of a challenge for you. That is why you should not proceed with this zone.

Best zones for leveling up:

  • Darkshore:


Darkshore is one of the best zones to level up in the game for various reasons. The first is that it is designed so that anyone can begin leveling. You won’t get the benefits of leveling up other than this zone. Some players don’t even know that Darkshore is considered a perfect zone for leveling. If you don’t want to fail at your first attempt while leveling, you should consider Darkshore.

Darkshore is a fantastic place because of the landscapes and exciting things. Players don’t regret entering this zone in the game. You will also be surprised by looking at the atmosphere of this zone.

  • The Wetlands:


If you’ve been playing World of Warcraft for some time, you might be familiar with this one. However, some players think that it is a useless zone. Well, the reality is that you won’t face any problems and issues while you’re leveling up in this zone. So, you can consider The Wetlands for this task.

The Wetlands are a beautiful place where you can explore landscapes and nature. You will never be dissatisfied with the way it has been designed.

  • Duskwood:


Another zone that is pretty good for leveling up is Duskwood. You might not have heard of it because it is not popular as other zones. Also, note that this zone includes everything mysterious. You will see that there are many things to discover in this zone.

Apart from all this, you can trust this zone to level up your character. It looks complex, but it will be worth it as you will not waste your time and effort here. The results you get after leveling up will be excellent.

  • Westfall:


Do you know which is the most peaceful zone in World of Warcraft? It is Westfall because it is filled with scenic views. You can also level up here without any worries. There won’t be any problems after you know everything.

The Bottom Line

The zones in World of Warcraft are challenging to understand. But we hope now you have an idea of where you should level up or not. So, you should never forget these zones if you want a smooth leveling in the game.