TOEFL IBT Listening Practice Test 07 from Barron’s TOEFL iBT

Listening 4 Students on Campus

18. What are the students discussing?

A. The T.A. in their class

B. The woman’s presentation

C. PowerPoint handouts

D. The woman’s class

19. Which strategy does the woman use for her presentation?

A. Read the information òn the handouts

B. Ask volunteers to participate

C. Show visuals to explain the points

D. Respond to questions from the group

20. Why did the woman make overhead copies of the slides?

A. She was very nervous about going first.
B. She was afraid that the computer program would fail.

C. She took the man’s advice about making them.
D. She wanted to show them to the man.

21. What does the man mean when he says this:

CD He does not appreciate the woman’s comment.
CD He has difficulty hearing the woman.
CD He wants the woman to continue.
CD He understands the woman’s point of view.

22. Why didn’t the class ask questions after the presentation?

CD The material was presented very clearly.
CD The presentation was not interesting to them.
CD There wasn’t enough time for questions..
CD They were anxious to make their presentations.


Listening 5 “Sociology Class”

23. How does the professor organize the discussion?

CD By defining gang activity, using information from articles

CD By contrasting gang activity with noncriminal organizations

CD By reading part of an article on gang activity to the class

CD By reporting her research on gang activity in the local area

24. What was surprising about Thrasher’s study?

CD The size of the study, which included 1300 gangs

CD The excellent summary by the student who located the research

CD The changes that were reported in the history of gangs

CD The fact that gang activity has been prevalent for so long

25. According to the study by Moore, what causes gang activity?

CD Cliques that form in high school

CD Normal feelings of insecurity in teens

CD Abusive family members in the home

CD Loyalty to family already in the gang

26. Why does the professor say this: o

CD To show that she does not agree with the response

CD To encourage the student to give an example

CD To indicate that she does not understand

CD To praise the student for his answer

27. What is the role of women in gangs?

CD They are full members of the gangs.
CD They are protected by the gangs.
CD They are a support system for the gangs.
CD They have little contact with gangs.

28. In the discussion, the students identify aspects of gang activity. Indicate whether each of the following is one of the aspects. Click in the correct box for each phrase.

Yes No
A. A replacement for high school cliques
B. A group socialized on the streets
C. A peer group that is 14-20 years old
D. Young people who have dropped out of school
E. A group that makes careful plans


Listening 6 “Anthropology Class”

29. Which of the following is an important reason the Haida people

CD To frighten away spirits

CD To decorate the village

CD To recall traditional stories

CD To worship the animals

30. What does the professor mean when he says this: O

CD This fact does not directly relate to the topic.
CD He expects the students to write down the definition.
CD He is expressing uncertainty about the information.
CD The professor should not be talking about this tradition.

31. Why does the professor mention the coat of arms of Canada?

CD To compare the symbolism to that of a totem pole

CD To prove that the Haida live in Canada

CD To argue that the Haida symbols are superior

CD To place the events in chronological order

32. What does the saying low man on the totem pole mean?

CD A very good representative member of the group

CD A person who begins to tell an important story

CD A person who has the least status among the members

CD A member of the community who is not accepted

33. Why do the master carvers work on the bottom figures?

CD Master carvers are usually too old to work at the top of the pole

CD The figures near the bottom are more visible to the public.
CD The totem pole is too large for just one carver to complete.
CD The last carving is an honor reserved for the masters.

34. What does the professor mean when he say this:

CD He is indicating that the information to follow is very reliable.
CD He is showing the class that he knows a great deal about the information

CD He is signaling that the students should learn this information.
CD He is informing the students that there may be more information.