TOEFL IBT Listening Practice Test 17 from TOEFL Actual Test Book

Conversation 40-44: Listen to part of a conversation between a employee.

40. What problem does the woman have?
A She does not like her room assignment.
B She cannot find a copy of her room key.
C The room she has is too decrepit.
D . Her dormitory room is uninhabitable.

41. Why does the student visit the Housing Office?
A.To ask for another place to stay

B. To make a list of complaints

C. To request a transfer to another room

D. To demand compensation for her room


42. According to the student, what is wrong with her room?
Click on 2 answer choices.

A It is currently infested with insects.
B’ It is not large enough for two people.
C It has not been sufficiently cleaned.
D. The key does not fit into the lock.


43. Listen again to part of the conversation. Then answer the question.
A To indicate that there are numerous

B To show that she is not willing to

C To specify that she needs new

D To clarify her previous statement about her


44. What can be inferred about the housing
A He has handled this kind of problem
B He has a generally pleasant personality.
C He knows all of the school’s housing
D He tries to be as thorough as possible in


Lecture 45-50: Listen to part of a lecture in a health and nutrition class.

45 What is the main topic of the lecture?
A. The effects of certain types of insomnia on the human body
B. How depression and stress can result in narcolepsy

C. The causes of the two major types of sleeping disorders

D. Why hypersomnia is more common than types of insomnia


46. Listen again to part of the lecture. Then answer the question.
A. To apologize to the professor for not paying attention

B. TO reveal that she was unable to fall asleep the previous night

C. To indicate that she is well prepared for the lecture
D. To note that she could not sleep because of her studies

47 According to the professor, what is consistent with narcolepsy?
A. The individual will get too much sleep during the night.
B. It is an uncontrollable urge to fall asleep during the daytime.
C. A person is only able to sleep for around five minutes at a time.
D. It is caused by too much stress, anxiety, or worry.


48. What can be inferred about insomnia?
A If it is not diagnosed early, the person could cause an accident.
B A person suffering from it is more prone to illness and disease.
C It is not a very serious issue because it can be cured easily.
D Drinks with caffeine and nicotine are its most common sources.


49. According to the professor, why is it more advantageous to use natural remedies?

A They have been found to be the most effective in treating problems.
B It is easier to treat sleeping disorders with changes in lifestyle.
C Most are more cost-effective remedies than going to a doctor.
D Prescription drugs can have negative side effects and be addictive.


50. Are the following statements consistent with hypersomnia or insomnia?
Click in the correct box for each sentence.

  Hypersomnia Insomnia
A. Melatonin may help with this sleeping disorder.    
B. Modifying the circadian rhythm is a good – remedy.    
C. A vegetable-rich diet could alleviate the symptoms.    
D. Some extreme forms are passed on genetically.    

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