BOOTCAMP FOR THE TOEIC – The TOEIC Test Preparation Materials by Skill [PDF + AUDIO]

Bootcamp for the TOEIC is designed around the six vocabulary topics that often appear in the TOEIC test to help you improve your vocabulary, grammar and necessary skills. Let’s review this book in detail in this article below.

1. Who is this book for?

Bootcamp for the TOEIC is designed around six topics that often appear in the TOEIC test: office, cultural events, human resources, general business, travel and dining.

The book is perfectly suitable for all students who want to prepare for the TOEIC exam, especially those who have lost their roots and weak knowledge of grammar and vocabulary and need to improve listening, reading …

2. Review the book content

As we wrote above, this book goes into six topics that often appear on the TOEIC test. Therefore, in each chapter, you will find essential contextual vocabulary, supplementing the grammar often used along with activities to build and strengthen listening, reading, speaking and writing skills.

Bootcamp for the TOEIC
Bootcamp for the TOEIC

The sequence of each chapter includes the content divided by skills:

✓ Warm-up

✓ Vocabulary

✓ Grammar

✓ Listening

✓ Speaking

✓ Reading

✓ Writing

Each section has content knowledge to learn and practice exercises to help you improve each skill more easily and effectively.

Every 3 chapters, there will be a TOEIC test in practice format including six sections: FAQ, Conversation, Short Speech, Complete Sentence, Complete Text and Reading Comprehension. Part 1 TOEIC – Picture description has been reduced to only 6 questions in the new TOEIC test format, so this section does not appear in the Bootcamp for the TOEIC book.

An additional point for this book is that the presentation is easy to understand and beautiful, helping learners not be bored, increase interest in the exam review process.

With such deep and compelling content, Bootcamp for the TOEIC will help build a solid foundation for you to start studying for the TOEIC exam.

3. Guide to effective use of books

This book has a point that Hoa loves and she believes in you as well as the weekly study plan. The author has planned to help you with what parts of the day you will need to study and the homework to be done for that day.

In addition, she has some tips for you:

✓ Try to follow the study plan in the book

✓ Read carefully – understand deeply, complete exercises and tests in books to practice right after learning

✓ Prepare a small notebook, record the knowledge you have accumulated from each section and also the mistakes you make when doing exercises to revise that knowledge.

✓ Strengthen TOEIC grammar knowledge, TOEIC vocabulary and start trying hard to test the TOEIC level exam.

4. Link to download ebook + audio files

In order to encourage reading culture, you should order this book at Nhan Tri Viet bookstore to study most conveniently and easily. The book is very beautiful and the content is good with the price is not too high, you should own the book to learn best.

Hoa also bought books and has the PDF + Audio version available for those who want to study online on computers.

You download the full PDF + Audio file of the Bootcamp for the TOEIC book here: Download

With the above reviews and sharing on Bootcamp for the TOEIC, hope you have your own comments about this good book.