7 Dos & Don’Ts Of Traveling In The Baltic States For The First Time

If you are someone who loves traveling, you must already be always checking your list of all the necessary items you need to pack beforehand. Going places is fun, adventurous, sometimes dramatic, sometimes romantic. It depends. You may love nature and would want to bask in its glory.

You may love city lights and would want to party till late in nightclubs.

Whatever the reason is, it is important to take a dig at the Dos and Don’ts of Travelling at the place you always wanted to.

In this article, we have brought a detailed guide for you to give you a gist of all the Dos and Don’ts of traveling to the Baltic states for the first time.

Let’s begin!

1. Do Not Plan A Short Trip

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It is always essential to look for the best places in the city or state you are planning to visit. This is followed by getting a thorough overview of how much time you need to devote to each scenic place and cherish the beauty absolutely.

For the Baltic states, it is best to not plan a short trip and the best would be a 3-week long stay. To get a good view of each capital you would need at least 2 to 4 days. To visit the best landscapes it would need 7-8 days. Do not forget to include the traveling time!

2. You Don’t Need A Special Visa

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If you are from the U.S. and planning to visit the Baltic states, the good news is you do not need to get a separate visa approved for it. The only condition you need to abide by is that your passport needs to be legally valid for the three months following the end date of your trip to the Baltic states. If that is not how your passport dates look, renew and have fun!

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3. Amidst The Pandemic

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  • Visit the state only if 18 months have not passed since you tested positive for the virus.
  • Visit only if you are completely vaccinated with vaccines approved by authorities. Not more than a year should have passed since the date of receiving the dose.
  • If you are a family person and traveling to the Baltic state along with your kids and family make sure you know that kids(minors) are exempted from the necessary self-isolation quarantine.
  • If you are a government official or diplomat from another country and traveling to the Baltic states you won’t face travel-related restrictions.
  • If you are a member of a family in which the other members hold a valid passport of Estonia, you would not need to face Covid related traveling restrictions.
  • If you are traveling to the Baltic states to deliver raw materials or goods, you are permitted in the state.
  • If you are into the health service sector and are traveling to the Baltic state for the same sake, you would not face travel-related restrictions to render your services.

4. Do Try New Food

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Traveling to a new place and thinking of still eating your regular meal. Of course not. While traveling in the Baltic state make sure you get a dig into the delicious, mouth-watering cuisine of this area. Make sure to find the right restaurants beforehand in order to have the maximum fun.

Because digging extra deeper in your pockets always cuts out all the extra enjoyment that things can deliver. Trying all the delicacies and that too within budget would be the best icing on the cake. Some of their best meals include Savoury pastry, a pork dish, casserole, Cheese dessert, pancake, chocolate dessert, dumplings, and vegetable soup.

5. Do Check The Culture Out

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Visiting an area far off from your place mandates having a look at the area’s culture, the people, their beliefs, their language. Learning the local language at least a little would get you easily mixed with the people of the area.

Learning their culture or showing interest in learning the culture would help in easily making friends with the area’s people. This can have an extra benefit too. The locals would let you know the best along with the most affordable places to dine in, shop from and visit.

6. Don’t Do Drugs

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This probably would be the worst thing to do while traveling to an unknown area. Drugs aren’t welcomed in any region. Authorities want their areas to be happy portrayals of good beliefs and doings.

Doing drugs in hotel rooms or clubs or parties in the Baltic states could set you up with all the unwanted miseries you could imagine while traveling in any area. It is better to avoid such things and instead focus on the good part. The food, the beauty, the nature, the people. These are more fun than drugs.

7. Don’t Spend All The Time In Your Room

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You already must have spent a good amount of money buying the tickets, booking the hotel, now be sure to make full use of the opportunity that the Baltic state gives. Do not spend your entire day in the bed of your hotel rooms, go out, eat with family, or friends, or even locals.

Make sure to dress up in the morning, go out, visit all the beautiful places, meet new people, create memories, click pictures, make videos and enjoy the time of your life. You won’t regret spending on all the good things you do there.


This was the list of all the Dos and Don’ts you need to keep in mind while traveling to the Baltic states. Traveling is fun only if your enjoyment is not restricted in any way. Make sure to be aware of all the restrictions that people face while traveling in a particular region.

Knowing them all beforehand assists one in savoring a non-restricted enjoyment of all the scenic places one is visiting. Make sure to make the most of your travel plan this summer.

Happy traveling!