Vocabulary 1: Symbolism and The Age of Majority

Vocabulary is totally important for you in TOEFL IBT. It does not only help you to express you ideas in writing better but also improve your speaking fluency and reading speed. Learning vocabulary can kill two birds with one stone. Updating your vocabulary resource everyday is the best way to review and gain more quatity of words. Below is the

Vocabulary 1: Symbolism and The Age of Majority

                                         Topic : Symbolism

1. Abstract (adj) : not concrete ; impossible to touch or see in reality.
Ex: Some inattention students consider philosophy abstract that’s hard to understand.

2. Comprehensive (adj): general ; universal
ex: My new house has not only spacious rooms but also comprehensive yard.

3. Implicit (adj): indicated; inferred.
Ex: This therapy is implicit as a miraculous way to cure patients who suffer from heart disease.

4. Condemned (adj): found guilty of some crime or offense and put under punishment.
Ex: due to misbehaving in the class meeting, John was condemned to clean the toilet all weekends.

5. Futility(n): worthlessness
Ex: I thought it would be futility to do that kind of job that paid too low.

                           Topic:The age of majority

1. In the eyes of : under , by
Ex: this problem was solved , you didn’t have to worry about it. Everything’s in the eyes of control.

2. Inalienable(adj): not capable of being taken or given away to another person.
Ex: Both John and Bill are teenage, they have inalienable right that’s why you their mother have responsibility for taking care of them.

3. Precluded (adj): excluded from
Ex: all of the students are exempt from the mid-term test but Joan is precluded as he fizzle at the income exam.

4. Exploit (v): take advantage of
Ex: if you have the discount ticket , you will exploit a half price of the beverage.

5. Penal (adj): related to punishment or prison
Ex: the penal systems in 1960’s were extremely cruel that made everyone shrink from vilolation.