Which World Of Warcraft Dungeon Is Easiest For Beginners

In case you are just entering World of Warcraft we can only imagine how excited you are. There are so many challenges and adventures ahead of you! What you probably already know about this game is that it is one of the most popular of our time, for many different reasons. One of them is that it provides the most content of all the games, so once you dive into this world you will always have some new updates waiting for you to check them out. However, as a beginner you probably want to know where to start from and which WOW dungeon is easiest for beginners. Once you achieve success in easy ones you can move on to more complex dungeons. So, without further ado, let’s discuss all of this in more detail!

What are some of the easiest WoW dungeons, best suited for beginners?

Once you reach the stage of leveling up your character, you will be introduced to the dungeons through which you need to successfully pass in order to level up your character. In this phase, players together with their cooperators go through various dungeons in which they eliminate spawns and as a reward they receive efficient equipment and other benefits with which they continue the game. Of course, not all dungeons in WoW are the same. There are some that are really easy and suitable for beginners, while others are more than challenging and require top skills, equipment and strength. For starters, you want to stick to those simplest dungeons where you really have a chance.

1. Scarlet Monastery: Library

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The first and probably the easiest dungeon in the whole of World of Warcraft is the Scarlet Monastery: Library. This dungeon is so easy and popular that there are definitely no players who haven’t passed through it at some point. Although this dungeon is not the only one within the monastery, it is definitely a favorite of the players. One of the main reasons is that you can visit it basically at the very beginning, even if your player has a level below 30. In Scarlet Monastery: Library dungeons you will face challenges that, if you successfully overcome, will lead to rewards. For example, you will receive equipment with which you can continue the game, which will be of great help to you in future endeavors.

2. Scarlet Monastery: Armory

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As we mentioned, the Library dungeon is not the only one within the Scarlet Monastery, but there are a number of others. Scarlet Monastery: Armory is another dungeon that enjoys great popularity among players and its content and challenges are completely adapted to beginners. If you don’t know where to start, Scarlet Monastery: Armory can be a good choice to get to know the dungeons and discover what awaits you in them. Although at first it may seem that this dungeon is quite challenging because it requires it to go a long way into the territory of the Horde, the fact is that things are not as they seem.

When you dare to step into it, you will realize that it does not contain too many challenges and that it will probably be quite easy to overcome the boss who will be at the end of the road. We definitely recommend that you prepare for all the goodies that the boss will drop, because these items will be very useful in the future game, and you will earn them in a fairly easy way.

And of course, if you need extra help along the way you can always find it if you know where to look. And here’s a little hint: you will find the boosts you are looking for and make it easier for yourself to achieve greater success in the game at WoW Boost.

3. Zul’ Farrak

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If you have friends who are into WOW then you have probably heard them talk about Zul ‘Farrak dungeon at least once. Zul ‘Farrak is one of the very easy, but also very interesting dungeons that is one of the absolute favorites of many players. The first thing you need to know about it is that it is a troll temple, so you will, logically, meet many trolls in it – much more than in another dungeon in WoW. While this may sound quite challenging to you for someone just entering this world, you should know that there is no need to worry, as there are no special requirements you need to meet in order to test your player in Zul ‘Farrak dungeon. And the best part is that on the way you will come across a specific item that will be of great importance to you in the continuation of the game. Amazing – we know!

Which dungeons should WoW beginners avoid?

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And finally, we’ll share with you a few dungeons that are probably the hardest and most challenging in the entire game, so you don’t need to spend time on them while you’re still a beginner. And also probably not even if you are an average player. These dungeons are reserved only for top players due to their complexity.

Sanguine Depths is one of the most challenging dungeons for several reasons, most notably because of bosses that can cause great damage. The last boss can be defeated only in cooperation with other team members, but not alone, because he is simply too strong. It is absolutely not suitable for beginners, and you can access it when the player level is 60 or above. Some of the really challenging dungeons in WoW are also Theater of Pain and The Necrotic Wake. If you are just starting out with leveling up your player, we suggest you wait before you start thinking about raiding these dungeons.


When you are just starting to play World of Warcraft there is so much to discover. One of the facilities that players especially love are dungeons that allow leveling up players. However, when you are just starting out, you want to try lighter dungeons, such as Scarlet Monastery: Library, Scarlet Monastery: Armory and Zul ‘Farrak, and skip the hardest ones, such as Sanguine Depths, Theater of Pain and The Necrotic Wake.