Full set of ECONOMY TOEIC VOL 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 CLEAR VERSION

The Economy TOEIC 1000 series consists of 5 books, and is among the “must have books” for any TOEIC test taker who wants a rich sample set, close to the real exam with high sound and picture quality. .

1. Contents of the TOEIC Economy series 1,2,3,4,5

Each volume of Economy TOEIC will include 2 books:

Economy Toeic RC 1000 for the Reading section
Economy Toeic LC 1000 for the Listening section
In addition, each book will have an Answer key section that will help you easily look up your score and review your mistakes at the end of the book.

2. The object of the series

The Economy TOEIC series of books is compiled according to difficulty level from low to high, increasing from volume 1 to volume 5.

For those who are just starting to solve the problem, it is advisable to practice the first book, the voice will be slower and clearer to help you familiarize yourself with the TOEIC test.

The following three books will be suitable for those who score above 600 TOEIC, have become familiar with the reading and reading proficiency of these books, but this is definitely a very suitable topic for those who want to study more advanced. .

3. Download the Economy TOEIC series

Each of the Economy books will include 10 tests, you will complete the five-volume book to help you practice knowledge and get ready for the TOEIC test, easier to reach your TOEIC goal.

Download the book in the link below:

Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 1: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 2: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 3: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 4: HERE
Economy Toeic 1000 RC – LC VOL 5: HERE