How Do You Tell If Your Locks Have Been Tampered With

You recently heard about a couple of thefts in the neighborhood or information about burglaries appeared on the news. Although you may not know the owners of the broken houses or the robberies that happened far away from you, you are not comfortable because of this information? You’re right, a little more caution can never be an excess. Statistics warn that the number of burglaries in houses in Tucson, Arizona is much higher in the summer and on weekends than usual. It is a time for vacations and occasional excursions, so there is a greater possibility that the houses will be empty.

In addition to such “random” burglaries, there are also well-designed and planned ones. If you have the feeling that someone is following you and that you are in someone’s focus, it is better to ensure your property or company in time, so that it would not be too late. If you notice even the smallest detail, you will no longer feel safe in your own home. Thieves can also try to do their job so that you hardly notice that someone has forcibly entered your house, and thus wait for their catch to increase or they can simply wait for a better moment.

Whether the burglars left an obvious mess behind or tried to cover up their unauthorized entry into the house, this event is not at all a pleasant sight. Locksmiths explain that there are some sure indications that your home is being targeted by a burglar, or that they have tried to enter. We inquired a bit and did a mini-research on this topic, so in the following text we highlight the most important indicators that your home is the target of burglars:


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Over time, the lock may wear out on its own and function less well. Very rarely we pay attention to whether everything is ok with our front door, because we automatically enter the house. However, scratches and near lock can be a sign that someone has entered or tried to enter your home, cottage or company without authorization.

If you notice that something is different after all, it would be a good idea to check it yourself before alerting the police. Sometimes thieves are so precise that it is very difficult to detect them, but still, there must be traces. First check that your front door lock is slightly above the spot. Take a good look at the keyhole and if you notice scratches on it, react immediately. For burglars to enter the house, they very often use the old method (so-called picking). On that occasion, they do not use force, they use a large number of precision tools to open the lock. Yet, no matter how skillful they are, the traces always remain. So, these tools specialize in standard, classic locks. Precisely for this reason, more and more people are turning to smart locks that provide a dose of more security.

Bumping key

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Perhaps the classic picking burglary leaves a trace that cannot be avoided, but the bunping method is very difficult to detect. Believe it or not, this technique was primarily used by locksmiths when it was necessary to open the lock quickly. Yet, as good as the primary intent of this method was, bad people used it for their bad deeds.

The principle is basically quite simple: the teeth of the key, when entering the lock, press the teeth in the keyhole according to a unique pattern. When a combination of taut and loose teeth in the keyhole is struck, the door is unlocked. That way, without any damage, you have unlocked each door with a standard lock. This method leaves no or leaves very little trace if the burglar is skilled. Of course, amateurs know how to leave broken and scratched locks behind.

In any case, if you notice that the lock does not work as usual, that the key enters the lock much harder or easier, it can be a signal to pay close attention. If you are looking for a Locksmith in Tucson, Arizona, check out They can help you be sure what it is about but also make you safer in your home.

Application of force

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If a burglar used force to enter your private facility, you will no doubt easily notice it. Mostly amateur thieves use the method of physically damaging a lock to gain unauthorized possession. Physical damage may include: use of a lever to force the lock open, drill through the lock, kick the door. The consequences of such a burglary are very evident and most often require a change of the entire door and even the plywood around them.

Cracking in the lock, the use of hammers or rough knocks on the door, are mainly used in cottages and buildings that are far from populated areas, but also in cases of PVC doors. To prevent burglary of this type, it would be best to install house alarms.

If you still suspect that there was an unauthorized unlocking or burglary, first of all it is very important not to panic. Stay calm so you can assess the situation in the best and safest way. Start with the evidence: whether something is broken, whether the lock works, whether the things inside the building have been moved, etc. If you are not completely sure that this happened, we advise you to be careful. Call a neighbor or friend and enter the apartment together and check each room. If you find that everything is safe, it would be good to keep a mini diary of the daily changes you notice. If you are still sure that this has happened, it would be best to report the situation to the authorities immediately and file a police report. Leave the job to professionals and protect yourself.

In order not to think only about the consequences of the action that happened, it would be good to not leave the window or balcony door open. If such offenses often occur in your neighborhood, it would be good to install an alarm because it is the most effective way to protect your home. If you live in Tucson, Arizona, installing a camera and video surveillance can help you enjoy the security of your home. If you think all this is unnecessary after all, leave the light on and especially the lighting that has motion sensors.