How to Maintain Your Home’s Foundation – 2024 Guide

It is out of the question that the foundation of a house is one of the most important segments to worry about when the stability of a building is concerned. Surely, the most crucial thing is to build a high-quality foundation, but maintenance is almost as important as the initial execution of works. Thus, learn how to maintain your home’s foundation in the following guide we have prepared for you.

Soil Moisture

No matter how strong the foundation of your home might be, it still depends on its surroundings and the composition of the soil. What you should pay special attention to is the soil moisture around the foundation, since draught can cause minor tectonic movements that can damage the base of your home. Thus, watering the area around the building might be beneficial and prevent potential sags from forming due to long drought periods.

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Even though the ground around the foundation should be moist, it does not mean it should be constantly soaked. The catch is to design the yard around the building so the water does not accumulate near the foundation, but interflow away from the foundation. When controlled drainage is in question, inclination plays a vital role, so if you do not have ideal conditions to manipulate the surplus water, make sure you either make some adjustments on your own or call the pros for help. At Foundation Repair Rowlett TX you can both find professional pieces of advice on how to maintain your foundation and learn how a foundation can be fixed.


Even though various trees might seem like an ideal exterior addition to your backyard, you should think twice before planting certain specimens next to your foundation. The truth is that certain trees might endanger the stability of the whole building if they are allowed to develop their root system swimmingly. Thus, we advise you to ask around before opting for a particular type of plant and make sure they are planted at a safe distance from your foundation. Unfortunately, if you already have some trees next to the building, the chances that you will have to cut them down are pretty high.

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Plumbing Trouble

Make sure you always fix any potential plumbing issues in time, since any surplus water that goes out of the pipes has to go somewhere, and the chances it will soak your building’s foundation are major. It is particularly dangerous in winter when temperatures drop extremely low since the soaked foundation might crack due to the expansion of the frozen water. Thus, make sure you fix all the problems regarding your home’s plumbing system in time, so you do not have to suffer the potential consequences later on.

Act In Time

In case you notice any type of cracks in your household, turning a blind eye to the issue might solely cause additional damage. Cracks in walls might hint that something is wrong with the foundation, but the cracks in the foundation itself should be more than enough to worry you deeply. Fortunately, small cracks can be fixed if treated appropriately and in a timely manner, but major breakage might be a tuff nut to crack even for professional services. Do bear in mind that small cracks will not disappear if you do not treat them, moreover, they will grow larger with every passing day.

After reading the aforementioned, your chances of maintaining your home’s foundation properly have already increased. Hopefully, you will do what it takes and keep your building’s basis safe and sound for decades.