Exercise 2: Other metaphors. Look at sentences A, B, and C in the following groups, and look especially at the words and expressions in bold. Then rearrange the letters in italics in the final sentence to make another word or words. The final sentence should then explain what the metaphors in the first three sentences are describing. Note that two of the final sentences use the same word. The first one has been done as an example.

(A) Your point of view is indefensible.

(B) There was a lot of conflict over what to do next.

(C) The team clashed over what steps to take next.

Metaphorically, an muntrage is like a fight or a war, with people “attacking” and “defending”. (Answer = argument)

(A) She was one of the brightest students in the class.

(B) As a child, Einstein was believed to have a rather dull mind.

(C) She had a sudden flash of inspiration and began writing down her thoughts.
Metaphorically, ngeelcneilti is like a light. The more you have, the brighter the light is.

(A) I was wondering if I could rely on your support.

(B) Would you mind lending me a hand with my assignment?

(C) The government helped to prop up the college by offering it a financial grant.
Metaphorically, when you sitsas someone, it is like supporting them physically (for example, with your body).

(A) He is often regarded as the greatest writer of the twentieth century.

(B) Everyone agreed that there were some weighty issues to be discussed at the meeting.

(C) The novel received some good reviews, but many people thought it was rather lightweight.

Metaphorically, something that is taprmotni is like something that is big or heavy, and something that is ntaprmotniu is small or light.

(A) They only succeeded by using their political muscle.

(B) She didn’t have the backbone to accept his challenge.

(C) I know it’s difficult, but you have to put your back into it if you want to succeed.
Metaphorically, making an trofef is like using a part of your body.

(A) You look confused: let me throw some light on the matter.

(B) Her work greatly illuminated this aspect of the subject.

(C) I don’t want to be kept in the dark, so please let me know what is happening.
Metaphorically, when you have gwednloke about something, it is like shining a light on it (and when you lack this, it is like being in darkness).

(A) His new career opened the door to a whole new way of life.

(B) Having a University degree is arguably the key to success in life.

(C) Age should be no barrier to success.
Metaphorically, having the roitpoytupn to do something is like having a door or other entrance opened for you.

(A) We unearthed some useful facts and figures.

(B) Her latest book is a goldmine of useful information.

(C) We left no stone unturned in our search for the truth.
Metaphorically, when you oeidrvsc things such as facts and information, it is similar to finding them by digging or searching in the ground.

(A) He originally set out to become a priest, but became involved in politics instead.

(B) At the age of 24, things took an unexpected turn for him.

(C) After six years in the same job, I decided to move on.
Metaphorically, a ilef or raecer path is like a journey.

(A) They put a lot of pressure on him to make change his mind.

(B) The country was dragged reluctantly into war.

(C) I’m sorry to press you for an answer, but we need to know your plans.
Metaphorically, when you ecfro someone to do something, it is like putting physical pressure on them (for example, by pulling or pushing them).

(A) He was very sharp-witted and could always be relied on to come up with an astute comment when asked.

(B) She has a keen intellect and makes sure that everyone knows it.

(C) He was an incisive critic who always researched his subject thoroughly before passing comment on it.
Metaphorically, eengintecill is like a knife, a blade, or another sharp object.

(A) We covered a lot of ground at the meeting.

(B) I’d like to return to the point I was making earlier.

(C) After three hours, we finally arrived at a decision.
Metaphorically, a veoantcirosn or nosisidscu is like a journey, with the people who are speaking going from one place to another.

(A) We need to address the social ills that are at the root of crime.

(B) The country was paralyzed by a series of natural and man-made disasters.

(C) Drugs such as heroin and cocaine are seen as a cancer at the very heart of society.
Metaphorically, a beprmol is like an illness.

(A) The speaker received a very warm welcome from the audience.

(B) We had several good ideas, but they poured cold water on all of them.

(C) I was disappointed because his response was rather lukewarm.
Metaphorically, anesismuht and nicetxetem are like heat, and a lack of these is like cold or wet.

(A) The biography mainly dealt with his years at the top.

(B) Many people commented on his rapid ascent up the ladder.

(C) His greed and lack of integrity eventually led to his downfall.
Metaphorically, being fucsuscsel is like being high up, and uraelfi is like falling or being low down.