You are on the journey to conquer TOEIC, but struggling to find an effective study plan. In addition, with TOEIC 600 or higher, you will have many opportunities to apply for jobs as well as help you a lot in the course of your work.

In order to support you better on the journey to conquer TOEIC, Wiki Study English will guide you some methods and learning materials for you to refer to to reach the level of 600 points.

I. Things to know about TOEIC 600

1. What is TOEIC 600?

  • What is the equivalent of TOEIC 600?

Currently, TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS are the 3 most widely used English certificates in the world. Despite the different types of certificates, we can still convert the TOEIC 600 into a paper equivalent to TOEFL paper of 510 points and TOEFL CBT about 180 points, TOEFL iBT about 64 points and 5.0 IELTS

However, this is just an overview, these 3 certificates cannot be used interchangeably due to the exam field as well as the strengths of the certificates with each different skill.

  • How does TOEIC 600 help you?

TOEIC is a test of English knowledge quite diverse in terms of vocabulary and situations in everyday life such as finance, travel, everyday life. TOEIC certificate is now widely used in Vietnam, replacing previous national foreign language certificates. A high TOEIC score will be of great help to you in your career development from interviewing company talent to working with partners. In addition, with good foreign language skills, you can also confidently receive additional work outside the office hours as translation, interpretation, interpretation of income for yourself.

2. How long will you study TOEIC 600?

The time to reach the TOEIC 600 level can vary depending on the level of each of you, she will list some typical time as follows for you refer to.

– 2 months: You can conquer TOEIC 600 in just 2 months if your English level is good (communication, vocabulary, good listening). When conquering TOEIC, you only need to learn more about tactics, strategies, and more. At that time, you can study by yourself or take a short course on TOEIC.
– 4 months: You can also quickly conquer this goal if your English background is at a basic level. You only need to take 1-2 courses to master and master the system, improve your speaking, listening and vocabulary development skills.
– 6 months: This time is for you who do not have much knowledge of English (or in other words, you have lost your root, do not know where to start). You will need to persevere in self-study and go to school for 6 months following a specific roadmap to upgrade your skills and reach your goals.

II. TOEIC 600 learning pathway for beginners

1. Learning methodology for TOEIC 450 goals

At this stage, your level is just at an average level and the vocabulary and grammar are not rich, your ability to listen and speak is not good. You will be quite confused to choose your study options:

  • Start learning what?
  • What curriculum?
  • What is the learning path?
  • How to know what level I am in?

When starting the journey to conquer TOEIC, you should divide the specific roadmap and study plan in detail. The specific study schedule and the goals you set will be the deciding factor for the results you will achieve.

1.1 First, choose the learning material

You should choose materials that include vocabulary, grammar and listening practice for beginners with content that is fundamental to you. The documents you choose need to be in the basic group so you can gradually get used to and upgrade your level.

1.2 Next, divide the learning plan by skills

a. Vocabulary

To reach this level, the number of vocabulary is quite important to help you overcome the questions are quite rich on the topic. You need to supplement your vocabulary for all aspects of life and society. In addition to learning new words, you need to pay attention to how to divide words, types of words and their usage. Ms. Hoa suggests some vocabulary topics for you:

  • Traffic
  • Household appliances
  • Animal
  • Public construction
  • The essential items

There are a lot of textbooks that can assist you during this time, she suggests a pretty effective vocabulary book for you to use, even at higher levels you can use.

➣ Download the 600 essential words for the TOEIC test:

b. Grammar

At this point, basic grammar books, basic pronunciation books or thematic vocabulary are essential for you. Absolutely should not use too many types of books at a time because it can lead to the situation of “overeating” with ineffective knowledge.

Grammar books with practice exercises are very important, because practicing exercises right after learning will help you more easily remember knowledge and easily detect your knowledge gaps in that section to make timely replenishment. . You should focus on some of these main grammar content:

  • Tenses in English (basic 6 tenses)
  • Types of words (nouns, verbs, adjectives, adverbs)
  • The basic structure

Most of these concepts you have been acquainted with before, but during the review process you need to understand more deeply. Remember! Immediately after each type of grammar to learn, you need to practice putting examples into it to be easy to understand and remember.

c. Practice skills

In addition to vocabulary and grammar, you need to pay attention to your listening / reflection skills in English. Below the TOEIC 450 level, your English reflex skills are often quite limited. You should often practice your listening skills through listening / reading on CD or on YouTube such as:

  • English song
  • English conversation
  • Other types of listening such as: Movie, reading stories, news, …

Want to listen to the standard you also need to improve your knowledge of pronunciation too. The  Pronunciation in use book is a book with the correct pronunciation that will help you with this pronunciation.

➣ Download Pronunciation in use book:

2. Learning methodology for TOEIC 600 goals

By this point, you have begun to acquire basic English skills. You need to continue enriching your vocabulary base as well as digging deeper into grammar. After mastering the basics to pass level 450, congratulations, our next target will be TOEIC 600.

2.1 First, choose the learning materials

You should choose materials including vocabulary, grammar and listening practice for people from TOEIC level 500 and above. However, some documents for beginners are also needed to support you to fill those gaps of your knowledge.

2.2 Next, improve each skill

a. Vocabulary

To reach the TOEIC 600 level, your vocabulary needs at least 200 words. You need to be richer in subject groups of social vocabulary such as:

  • Economic array
  • Daily activities
  • Some quotations, phrases

At this level, the 600 essential words for the TOEIC test is still extremely useful to you. In addition, you can refer to the dictionary to have more diverse vocabulary. You should note the use of words of this type as well as try to illustrate each word so that you can better understand the context of their use.

b. Grammar

You need to learn more important grammar and continue to review the grammar topics learned. Some topics to supplement for you such as:

  • Conditional sentences
  • Passive sentence
  • The comparative structure

In addition to understanding the usage and structure of each basic grammatical topic, you need to pay close attention to the identifying characteristics of each of these topics. Identity characteristics will help you distinguish them quickly and accurately in grammar questions. Don’t forget to practice hard solving the exercises after each of these topics!

c. Skills

You can increase the listening channel for yourself, to increase the ability to reflect with different voices, volumes and better reflexes with the reading speed and pronunciation of many people.

You should try TOEIC test questions to become more familiar with the test, some of the voices in the test. Taking test questions will help you become more familiar with the test time and how to take the TOEIC test.

Note: When taking the test, you should read the question and answer set before the conversation, when listening, you try to focus on listening to the Keyword to find the right answer.

3. Tips you need to know when taking the TOEIC test

Tips for exam review

  • Before taking the exam, you should determine your goals (namely the score you need to achieve) that best suit your ability.
  • You can try taking a few exams to better understand the topic structure as well as evaluate your ability.
  • You need to set up a specific study schedule (you can take TOEIC courses so that experienced centers can guide you on the schedule if you do not know where to start).
  • Check your knowledge regularly to identify weaknesses and sentences that confuse you to gain experience

Exam preparation tips

  • You need to prepare mentally close examination day comfortably, limit the anxiety, suspense.
  • Take the test 15 minutes earlier (limit the unforeseen circumstances that may affect your test time)

Tips when taking the test

  • Do not try to translate all the questions
  • Try to allocate time appropriately for each part
  • Try to listen to the keyword, not try to understand the whole paragraph

Wish them good competition! If you have any questions, please leave a comment below so I can assist you!