Vocabulary pracitse 6: Idioms and colloquialisms 4

Exercise 2 :Instructions as above.

1. You’ve really made a name / title / place for yourself, haven’t you? (to become well known, famous and / or respected)
2. Have you seen his house? It’s out of this planet / earth / world. (extremely good, wonderful, etc.)
3. He knew I was friendly with his boss, and asked me to pull a few legs / strings / ropes for him. (to use your influence with somebody in order to get something)
4. Donna played / did / went hooky again today; that’s the third lecture she’s missed this week. (to miss a lesson, class, etc., for no good reason)
5. My bank account’s in the black / red / pink again. (to owe money to the bank because you’ve spent too much)
6. I’ve completed three out of my five essays already. So far, so good / fine / acceptable. (until now, everything is going well)
7. I’m really angry with Jerry. It’s time I had it in / out / over with him. (to tell somebody you are angry with them, and explain why)
8. His theories broke fresh earth / ground / land and changed the way people thought about science. (to do something original or innovative)
9. He said that he had missed his lecture because he had to visit a sick relative, but I don’t really think he was on the air/ ground / level. (being honest and telling the truth)
10. It wasn’t my fault! Why am I always the one to carry the can / tin / box? (being the person who is considered responsible for something that has gone wrong)
11. University life can seem strange at first, but my advice is to go with the snow / flow / glow and see what happens. (to do what seems the easiest thing in a particular situation)
12. I thought my last essay was really good, so old Professor Clack really rained on my show / carnival / parade when he told me he thought it was terrible. (to spoil something or make it much less enjoyable)
13. The Dean has told me that unless I turn over a new leaf / book / paper, I might be asked to leave the course. (to change your life by starting to be a better person or stopping a bad habit)
14. There are some good restaurants nearby that won’t bankrupt / break / rob the bank. (not expensive)
15. I can’t talk to you now, I’m afraid. I’m running / walking / jumping a bit late. (to be slightly later than normal)
16. He can be a bit unfriendly, but by and big / large / huge he’s OK. (generally)
17. All right, everyone. We’ve achieved a lot in the last hour or so. Let’s take three / four / five. (to have a short break)
18. I don’t know exactly what he’s up to, but my fifth / sixth / seventh sense tells me he trying to get out of doing his assignment. (a special ability to feel things that you cannot see, hear, touch, smell, or taste)